2BHK Serviced Flat Rent: Cost-effective Option For Temporary Accommodation

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Studio apartments are intended to be an affordable alternative for persons seeking for an apartment to live independently or with a partner. They are typically smaller in size than one-bedroom apartments. Students and younger workers who wish to reside in a town center or close to their place of employment also favor them. Typically, tenants who rent a studio apartment pay a fee each month that includes both the cost of the property and any other costs, including utilities or parking.

Key Users Of Renting 2 BHK Studio Flat In Dhaka, Bashundhara

A 2BHK studio flat is a type of apartment that consists of two bedrooms, a combined living room and kitchen area, and a bathroom. The key users of renting a 2BHK studio flat can include:

1. Small families: A 2 BHK studio flat can be a suitable living arrangement for small families, especially those with one or two children.

2. Couples:
Couples who are living together or newly married may find a 2BHK studio flat to be a comfortable and affordable option.

3. Roommates:
Two or more friends or colleagues can rent a 2BHK studio flat together and share the living space and rent.

4. Professionals: Individuals who are working in the city center or near their workplace may prefer to rent a 2BHK studio flat to avoid a long commute.

5. Students: A 2BHK studio flat can be an affordable and convenient option for students who want to live near their university or college.

Overall, a 2BHK studio flat can be an attractive option for those who want a comfortable and affordable living space with a bit more room than a standard studio flat.

Short-term Studio Apartments Are Fully Furnished & Equipped

Short-term studio apartments are fully furnished and equipped with all the necessary amenities, including a kitchenette, bathroom, bed, and living area. We also offer additional services such as housekeeping, laundry, and internet access. The rent for a short-term studio apartment can vary depending on the location, duration of stay, and amenities provided. Our apartments can offer more flexibility and privacy compared to traditional hotel rooms, and this will be a cost-effective option for those who need temporary accommodation.

Discover The Major Pros Of Living Inside A 2BHK Studio Apartment

1. Fully Furnished Apartment
2. Security & Laundry Service
3. Filter, Washing Machine, LP Gas
4. Drawing, Dining Space Available
5. Daily Room & Bathroom Cleaning
6. WiFi, Microwave oven, Geyser, A/C
7. Short-Term Rentals, TV, Refrigerator

Consider Factors Such As Your Budget, Location Preferences

It is always advisable to visit the property in person, check the condition of the flat, and negotiate the rent with the landlord before finalizing the deal. Additionally, you may want to check online reviews and ratings of the property and the neighborhood to get an idea of the living experience of other residents in the area. If you need a flat for your vacation you can contact us and our special expert can tell you in details about the studio flat regarding your needs. We have many serviced studio flats for your comfort.

Choose Dhaka’s Top Serviced Flat For Short-term Rental
Our luxury serviced apartment is located in the heart of Bashundhara R/A, Dhaka and we always offer spacious 2BHK apartments with modern amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen, living area, and bathroom. The most necessary thing we also provide is additional services such as housekeeping, laundry, and 24-hour security.

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Location: JCX TOWER, 1136/A, Block-I, Level 5 Japan Street, Bashundhara R/A
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