Dream About an Abbess

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Posted by Alice ward from the Agriculture category at 08 May 2023 05:27:31 pm.
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An abbess is a leader of Nun's. So what does it mean to dream of an Abbess?

This dream means that you are looking for spiritual hope, it would point to the fact that you require being given the correct path in life. This dream also suggests that you will have to submit to authorities possibly after an unsuccessful period of time. Sometimes we tend to swear that we are not able to participate in doing some given things but when we are forced with the situation, we end up doing the same things that we had sworn that we shall never do in our lives. When a woman meets an Abbess in her dreams then this is a symbol of getting connected to a great friend who will be able to bring some benefits to life.

Dream About an Abbess
What does seeing an abbess mean in a dream?
Nuns seen in a dream are associated with our focus on life. Nuns that suddenly appear before you are a religious omen of redemption. This leads to the question if nuns in a dream are associated with how spiritual the dream is. Typically nuns can appear in many ways, from simply the figure appearing to be in a medieval gown. Having a dream of abbess means that you will be compelled to submit to the authorities or someone in a leadership position, especially if you are a woman. It means that you will aim to focus efforts positively. Christians, for instance, believe that authorities are God-given and that those in authority should not misuse the power that they have. They also believe that those who are being served should also have respect for the persons who are in the authority. This applies in this dream that teaches us that we should learn to respect authorities.

In your dream, you may have
Seen that the Abbess is smiling at you.
Met an Abbess. Been in a Nunnery.
Been a Nun.
Great things are on their way if
In the dream the general feeling is happy.
You are cooperative and obedient.
Positive changes are afoot if
You have a dream that you have seen yourself meeting with the Abbess or you simply meet abbess in your dream.
This dream means that you will have peace.
You have a dream and you have seen the Abbess smiling with you in your dream.
This is an indication that your friends will be very helpful to you and they will prove to be kind, enthusiastic and enjoyable to hang around with.
Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of Abbess
Glad that things seem peaceful, giving yourself to god, able to fully enjoy spiritual pleasure, Anxious, happy, frightened, sad.
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