This is a major physical damage

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Posted by Emilylowes from the Agriculture category at 06 May 2023 01:57:10 pm.
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The two men bosses were planning to fight in our pre-raid beset our patchwork, and we worked out the theories regarding three Drake. In both of these fights, you'll end up receiving a lot more damage from spikes than in any other fight on the tear. Every other fight on tear has extremely low survivability demands, with the exception of Maixner. This fight only requires excellent defensive CD management. You don't actually have to be well prepared for it. I'd recommend doing Star Three Drake last so that you go into it with the maximum amount of gear possible from tools and Alec goes.

With next bosses receiving an all-encompassing 30% HP and damage buff across the board and classic patchwork, he was elevated to being the most difficult one in the group. Although he's not that difficult however he's in a different league than every other boss that's in the group. So when we're gearing pre raid , he's the main boss to keep in mind for next. I would say he's the only boss that if you aren't prepared for a raids may struggle an inax quick refresher in case you've forgotten the tactics he uses or haven't previously done him. He's going to melee the tank to deal a good amount of damage, but what that he does that is terrifying is an incredibly vicious strike.

This is a major physical damage hit he will hit the most HP target that is third or second on melee threat about every one second. It can be sustained for 30k after mitigation on a pre raid armored tank. The goal is as much efficient HP as possible to get through this, in case you're not sure of the impact of HP. It's HP divided by one and minus damage reduction.

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