Three Ways to Create the Perfect Cat Bed

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Posted by Sofia Levine from the General category at 04 May 2023 10:19:27 am.
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Choosing a cat bed isn’t that much different from choosing a pet carrier. You have to be careful about many of the same things, starting from the size and ending with the materials used. Also, there are many ways of making these two more comfortable for their future users. All you have to do is do a little research about it and maybe keep an eye on your pet to better understand his preferences and what his behavior says about him.

Why Does a Cat Need a Cat Bed?

Everybody knows that cats are great nappers. That’s why they have a type of sleep named after them. They usually like catching some zees in the sun or wherever they feel most comfortable. But comfort for cats comes in a lot of shapes. Some might prefer stretching on their owners’ beds, while others enjoy snuggling up in a cardboard box. Although their behavior may seem erratic at times, they are among the best at finding the most comfortable spot and making the most of it. But owners can give them a helping hand sometimes too.

Some people may wonder why cats need a cat bed when they can sleep almost anywhere and seem contemptuous. In some cases, they might be right. But these beds aren’t just for sleeping. These beds help the cat have a space all to itself. These beds represent something more than just a place for rest. Because cats are predatory by nature, they sometimes need something calming. They need a space where they can feel safe and know they have full control over it. This helps them adapt easier to unfamiliar environments and gives them a sense of control over a part of their new home.

Also, investing in a cat bed is a very good way of training your cat. Some may think cats can’t be trained due to their independent natures. But although you might not play catch with your cat very soon, you can teach them certain things that will help them and you in the long run. A special bed for your cat is a very good way of teaching that certain things are done in certain places and ways. It also helps you maintain a position of dominance, as being the one that imposes certain rules and helps them understand this.

Three Ways to Create the Perfect Cat Bed

Most people may think buying the first cat they see in a store is enough to get their feline friend to use it. But there are plenty of other ways a bed can be improved so your cat can use it independently. For instance, place the bed in their favorite spot in the house, and ensure that it gets enough sun and shade for the kitty to be interested in. Also, make a big deal about the bed when bringing it in. Cats are very curious and might take a bigger interest in it if it sees you around them.

Another way of creating the perfect cat bed is to fill it with the cats’ favorite things. At least until your pussycat is comfortable enough to decide what she wants in it and what she doesn’t, fill it with her favorite toys and maybe even some treats. This way, she will associate the bed with a safe space and start spending more time there. You can even lay down a blanket or something she loves snuggling with while sleeping, and this will help her understand what the be is meant for and create a stronger bond.

You can also customize the cat bed to look whatever way you want or have whatever accessories you think your cat might enjoy. Many pet owners understand cats need constant entertainment, even from their beds. So they add various things to it, like catnip balls, small scratching posts, and even covers, to create a sense of protection for the cat. You can do this independently, but you should ask for a professional’s help if the option exists. This way, you won’t risk damaging the bed itself or creating a harmful environment for the kitty.

But Isn’t It Expensive?

Customizing anything, or having it custom-made, to begin with, can cost more than simply buying from a store. But for many pet owners, this is a small price to pay for their pet’s comfort. Sure, some go overboard with these customizations, but some options are affordable and can brighten the day for you and your feline friends.

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When Would One Need a Pet Carrier?

Some pet owners don’t agree to invest in a pet carrier for their animal friends. They argue that their pets are well-behaved and do not hurt anybody or have accidents that might make others uncomfortable. But these carriers aren’t as much for the safety of others as they are for the safety of pets. Plenty of situations exist when pets need to be on board vehicles or transported from one place to another without harm. This is when these carriers come in. Crowded public transport or loud indoor spaces aren’t the friendliest to pets. And so, they need to have some sort of protection around them.

For example, you should consider using a pet carrier when taking your pet to and from a veterinarian. Pets can get scared by doctors, just like people. And so they need to be easily taken to and from the cabinets. And the best way to do this is using a carried. This way, they can’t bite or run out of fear, and they are protected from other animals that might also be scared and react aggressively. Also, when taking your pet from the doctor, often they can be tired or even under medication. A carrier gives them a safe space to recuperate until they get back home and makes it safer for them to be transported without the risk of stumbling down stairs, running into other animals on their way out, or being unable to walk at all.

How to Pick Out the Right Pet Carrier?

There are a couple of things that people should look for when trying to pick out the perfect pet carrier. That’s because, although they are all meant for the same thing, they might not all be made the same way. For example, although not the only criterion, size is very important. You can’t move a Labrador in a carrier meant for a Siamese cat. Pets need room to stretch, turn around, or lay down comfortably. That’s why you should always get the carrier to fit your pet. Or, if you don’t want to change it later, you might even want to consider investing in a carrier that you can use later on.

Secondly, people should consider the sturdiness of the pet carrier they will invest in. Smaller pets may require carriers that aren’t necessarily made out of metal and welded. Plastic carriers can work as well with smaller pets. But metal and sturdiness are the way to go for the ones that need to be transported greater distances and are also meant for bigger pets. They might take up more room than the others, but at least you will know that your pet is protected and cannot hurt himself while inside.

So Where Should I Buy One?

Well, just like with many other things that people buy nowadays, these carriers can be bought online. But only do this if you have the measurement and other specs down to a tee. You don’t want to spend the money; they have to send it back because it isn’t what you ordered. If possible, visit your nearest pet store and check out what they offer regarding carriers. You can also ask your vet for a recommendation if you are unsure about them.
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