It seems that Madden NFL 23 moves at the speed of a snail

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Posted by Shaftesburyw from the Environment category at 04 May 2023 12:59:19 am.
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Only two of the replay proposals that are on the table are likely to be able to get traction. The first, which was submitted by the Patriots allows coaches to challenge everything, except scores and turnovers but still have the same amount of challenges as they currently have. The other, also proposed by the Patriots will put cameras along the boundaries. ESPN also added cameras for college football playoffs. They would also put cameras on the pylons. But MUT 23 ltds cards team believes they will be too costly.

It seems that Madden NFL 23 moves at the speed of a snail. It's highly unlikely that the owners will eliminate the PAT entirely, not now at any rate. There is a proposal from the Patriots (activist Madden NFL 23 teams in the form of smh) which would shift the ball back to the 15-yard line, making it less automatic. The Colts would like to add points truly insane.

Los Angeles

Stan Kroenke has a fancy new stadium to impress his fellow owners on this week. The decision on either the Rams (or or the Chargers and the Raiders) relocated are expected. It's just going to be an announcement by Madden NFL 23 Executive Director Eric Grubman followed by a debate among the owners.

The Rams owner clearly has a lead in the race to L.A., but the Chargers aren't making it as easy for the owner to win. This is an opportunity to get the owners working on a compromise where everyone wins ... everyone except any city that loses a team.

Breakfast with the coaches

Every Tuesday morning, the AFC coaches are frog-marched into a breakfast buffet and they are required to speak to the media for an hour. Cameras and lights around Bill Belichick's table can crowd out any slob sitting close to him. Bill Belichick still draws attention even though he doesn't speak up. There should be plenty of chairs at the table of Ken Whisenhunt, though, and He'd probably enjoy his company. So, bring your oatmeal over to the table!

The NFC coaches get their turn every Wednesday. I hope Chip Kelly eats beforehand, because his table will surely be extremely popular. I'm heading to Jim Tomsula's table, as it's going to be a lot of fun (nobody will ever talk about the eggs in his mustache).

The A Nicer Football League

At the last meeting, the Madden 23 ltds were intent on making the field a more pleasant place to work and play (before all those other issues with public relations hit). The competition committee took away goalspot celebrations and pledged to put a stop to bullying and unsportsmanlike behavior. I'm interested to know how it went for the players.
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