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Dreams are a part of our everyday life, and we often wonder about their meaning. However, for those who quickly dismiss their dreams and their symbolism, several studies have shown that they, in fact, are ‘highly meaningful’ as they deal with personal conflicts and emotional struggles we experience daily.

Dream About Following
Dreams reflect our subconscious thoughts, ideas, and fear and serve as a connection between the conscious and subconscious minds. This is why you should always interpret your dreams, especially if they ‘carry’ a positive or negative feeling.

Dream of being followed is usually associated with negative feelings and is a reflection of a troubling issue in our real life. It has numerous interpretations and can signify that someone is following or stalking you or avoiding some critical issues or problems.

General Meaning Of Dream Of Being Followed
The tricky thing about dreams is that we often forget what we dream, but interestingly although we tend to forget the content of our dream, we rarely forget the feeling it gave us.

1. Attempt To Escape
Dreaming of being followed by someone is generally interpreted as attempting to escape something or someone. If you are experiencing this dream, you might be in a hard place in your current life with numerous worries, obstacles, and doubts that you deal with by repressing them.

Repression is a ubiquitous cognitive process through which we deny our wishes, desires, and motivation, but also fears and thoughts that threaten us in some way.

Many attribute this dream to a lingering feeling of insecurity or anxiety related to some traumatic event that you have already experienced and are afraid of going through it again. For example, people who dream of being followed or chased might be hiding from something or someone in their life.

2. Subconscious Warning Of Danger
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On the other hand, it might be your subconscious warning you about the immediate danger in your wake life- there could be someone following you in real life or on social media. Being stalked on social media is common, given that everybody today is just a click away.

Sometimes we perceive things or events in our life that we do not immediately register as a threat or a problem, but are subconscious mind does. It takes small details of your waking life and creates a fragmented collection in the form of a dream.

For example, some people dream of being followed or chased by a man, which indicates unresolved issues or past fears.

3. Financial Troubles
Interestingly, being chased by someone you cannot identify might mean financial troubles are coming your way. Although the majority of interpretations are negative or connected to trauma, being followed can also be a sign of progress. How? While avoiding the issues, you are forced to explore other places and deal with new situations.

Different Scenarios Of Being Followed
As mentioned, context is essential to the dream, and the interpretation usually rests on its connotation. For this reason, it is vital to identify your chaser. Here are some common scenarios connected with the dream of being followed.

1. Dream Of Being Followed By A Woman
If you have been dreaming of being followed by a woman, this usually means you have repressed and unfulfilled sexual desires. In addition, it indicates that you crave an emotional connection with someone who has not reciprocated it to you.

You might be in a situation where you have feeling for a person but do not dare to come forward and communicate those feelings out of fear of rejection. This dream is a manifestation of your desire to express and experience love.

2. Dream Of Being Followed By A Thief
Being chased or followed by a thief indicates that you fear for your security! This kind of fear often has physical consequences on our bodies and should be taken seriously.

This can also mean that you subconsciously fear that someone might steal something from you, and it does not have to be a physical item; it can be an idea, plan, or romantic interest.

Common symbolism connected to this dream is that you are feeling misled, manipulated, or someone in your inner circle is playing tricks on you. This is also your signal to hold your guard and protect yourself emotionally and physically.

3. Dream Of Being Followed By A Monster
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Being followed by a monster can have negative and positive interpretations. Some see it as a sign of a new beginning, a unique opportunity that will happen to you in your professional or romantic life.

In addition, it can be your past trauma or an indication of constant disruption in your life. If your dream of being followed by a monster is fraught with fear, stress, and suspense, it can signify a part of your personality, habits, or actions that you do not like and are repressing.

4. Dream Of Being Followed By An Animal
People often dream of being followed by an animal such as a wolf, tiger, or bull. These dreams generally signify fear or anxiety lingering in your subconscious.

If you are not a spontaneous person and are generally very fearful of change or new experiences, dreaming of an animal following is your mind telling you to loosen up, step out of the box, and experience life.

Although we all enjoy stability, sometimes it is crucial to get out there and test the waters regardless of the outcome. As the famous adage says, ‘your comfort zone will kill you.

5. Dream Of Being Followed By The Police
Dreaming of being chased by police is very close to having a nightmare! However, it is usually an indication that you feel guilt over something but you have never faced its consequences. So in your mind, you deserve some sort of punishment.

In addition, it might mean that you should come forward with whatever is holding you down and repent for it.

6. Dream Of Being Followed By A Car
This dream has several interpretations. First, it might mean that you are going through a rough period and do not know how to cope due to a lack of ambition and guidance. It also signals your sorrow over previous relationships and financial troubles.

Second, it can signify an impending struggle or a mysterious affair you will encounter in the future. Finally, some dream interpreters believe that the model of the car plays a significant role; for example, if it is an old car, it might signify that you are afraid of growing old.

7. Dream Of Being Followed By A Stranger
Dreaming of being followed by a stranger is a sign that you are probably highly stressed and feel threatened by something or someone you cannot identify.

This evokes the sentiment of instability, insecurity, and hopelessness in you and is generally a reflection of anxiety and stress.
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