Prepare cabbage for freezing

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Can we just be real, utilizing an entire head of cabbage is troublesome! Indeed, even in the wake of several recipes utilizing cabbage, you might in any case have a portion of a head left finished. Rather than allowing it to spoil in your ice chest, have a go at freezing cabbage for sometime in the future. It's not difficult to do.
Step by step instructions to Get ready CABBAGE FOR FREEZING
Eliminate any harmed or shriveled external leaves. Wash the cabbage under chilly running water and wipe off.
Cut the cabbage into your ideal shape and size for freezing. You can cut it into shreds or wedges. I like to freeze destroyed cabbage to add straightforwardly to recipes, since this is the most widely recognized variety of cabbage I use in cooking. For tips on the most proficient method to cut these shapes, see the instructional exercise On the best way to Cut Cabbage.
cabbage cut into flimsy shreds on a bamboo cutting board with a cook's blade
Step by step instructions to Prepare cabbage for freezing
Heat an enormous pot of water to the point of boiling. Set up an enormous blending bowl in with ice water.
Drop the cabbage into the bubbling water. In the case of utilizing destroyed cabbage, cook for 30 to 60 seconds once the water gets back to a bubble. In the case of utilizing cabbage wedges, cook for 1 to 2 minutes.
Eliminate the cabbage expeditiously from the bubbling water, involving an opened spoon or by depleting it in a colander. Move to the ice water.
Allow the cabbage to sit in the ice water to cool. This stops the cooking system.
Channel the cabbage and wipe off. Put on a huge baking sheet fixed with material paper. Spread it out in a solitary layer. Wipe off again to eliminate any dampness (you don't need cooler consume!).
Put the baking sheet in the cooler, some place it can lie level without being knock. Freeze for about an hour until frozen strong.
The most effective method to STORE CABBAGE IN THE Cooler
When the cabbage is frozen strong on the baking sheet, eliminate it from the cooler.
Move to cooler safe sacks or holders. Seal firmly, eliminating however much air as could be expected. I love to utilize reusable ½-gallon Stasher sacks for this reason.
Name the sacks whenever wanted.
Store in the cooler for as long as a half year.
destroyed and whitened cabbage spread out on a huge baking sheet fixed with material
Could YOU at any point FREEZE CABBAGE WITHOUT Whitening?
Whitening is a significant stage for freezing vegetables. It broadens time span of usability and protect quality and taste. You can freeze cabbage without whitening, yet it won't keep going as lengthy.
To do this, plan and cut the cabbage, skirt the whitening steps, and put it squarely into a cooler sack. Store in the cooler and use soon.
The most effective method to Defrost AND Utilize FROZEN CABBAGE
Frozen cabbage works best when utilized in cooked cabbage recipes. You can add it to soups, sautés, and meals straightforwardly from the cooler — don't bother defrosting. My Coconut Cabbage Chicken Soup, Cabbage Roll Skillet, and Stewed Cabbage, Apples, and White Beans are incredible ways of utilizing frozen destroyed cabbage.
In the event that you're contemplating whether you can freeze cabbage for coleslaw, the response is no. You can attempt to defrost frozen cabbage in the cooler and afterward use it in crude arrangements like slaws and mixed greens. Notwithstanding, I've found that thawed out cabbage gets excessively soaked and doesn't have the equivalent crunchy surface that you need in a coleslaw.
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