Uses drones equipped with electronic jammers to disrupt shields

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Posted by jammer from the Technology category at 24 Apr 2023 02:28:45 am.
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At present, the control of drones mostly adopts wireless communication technology
By transmitting high-power interference signals to the target drone, the control signal is suppressed, forcing the drone to land or return on its own. The United States uses this principle. This drone interference shield is equipped with an electronic jammer inside. Once the power switch is turned on, the high-power signal jammer will emit a full band interference signal to the drone, causing it to detach from the operator's control and unable to receive the control signal. Automatically land on the ground. Once the drone signal is disrupted, there are usually three options: falling to the ground, returning to the operator, or descending smoothly. The effective range of this rifle is 500 to 2000 meters.
Currently, most consumer grade drones prefer GPS navigation for flight control, while civilian GPS signals are unencrypted, leaving room for use. The main principle of GPS deception is to send false geographic coordinates to the drone's control system, thereby controlling the navigation system and inducing the drone to fly to the wrong place. GPS signals can be generated by generators or pre recorded and replayed. Due to the fact that the GPS signal received by drones is always based on the strongest signal source, as long as the artificial GPS signal on the ground is strong enough, it can cover the real GPS signal from space, thereby deceiving drones. GPS receiving module.
8 Bands Jammer Device
At present, all countries have set up a no-fly zone in the core area, and many UAV manufacturers have set it in the built-in firmware of the UAV. In the no-fly zone, the UAV cannot take off even after reaching the no-fly zone. Automatic landing. Therefore, as long as the artificial GPS signal on the ground simulates the geographical position as the coordinates of the no-fly zone, the UAV can be forced to land by itself.
At present, the control signals used by drones are mostly in the conventional civilian frequency bands of 1.2GHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, etc. With the rapid development of open-source hardware such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, as well as the popularity of Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology, ordinary enthusiasts can also use hardware purchased online and software source code obtained from forums to simulate remote controls sending control signals to drones, which can be superimposed with the signals of real remote controls to gain control of drones.
There are many predictions for the drone industry, some targeting hardware sales, some targeting the software and service market, and some targeting specific fields. Although the numbers vary, they all indicate the same phenomenon: the drone industry has grown and grown.
The Haryana State High Court has criticized the government for not purchasing any jammers to upgrade the prison's signal jammer equipment in the past six years, stating that this is a prison safety issue and why it has repeatedly delayed upgrading jammers to save money. However, the Punjab government does not seem to take prison security seriously. At present, most prisons in Punjab Province are still using GSM and 3G jammers, which can no longer interfere with the current 4G and 5G mobile phone signals, which poses a great security risk to prisons.
The Punjab Haryana High Court severely criticized the Punjab government for delaying the installation of jammers, despite the increasing incidents of obtaining mobile phones from prison inmates. The court said that in the 5G era, the Punjab government did not install 4G jammer GSM or 5G jammers in prisons. This cannot guarantee the safety of prisons, and this responsibility should be entrusted to the central government.
The High Court rebuked the government, stating that this is a security issue and why it is trying to save money by renting cell phone jammer. The Punjab government does not seem to attach importance to prison security. If this is a security issue, why worry about money? This is a necessary security expenditure.
The court said that if the Punjab government cannot make security arrangements in the prison, please inform it and transfer the responsibility to the central government. The High Court has now ordered the Punjab Government to submit a status report and provide a specific response at the next hearing.
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