This quaint Wisconsin village has five-star hotels, right?

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If you hear the term Kohler, you might immediately think of the kitchen and bath company or the location where the 43rd Ryder Cup was held, but those in the know might remember it as the name of the luxurious resort town hidden away close to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The Olmsted brothers created Kohler, one of the country's earliest planned towns, as a factory town and garden community for the Kohler Company in the early 1900s. This modest Wisconsin town, just a few hours from Chicago and Milwaukee, is now a resort destination that offers the right fusion of wellness, culture, and environment, making it the ultimate weekend getaway. According to a local, these are some things you should know before visiting Kohler, Wisconsin.

When to Visit Kohler is Best

While Kohler is lovely all year round, summer is the perfect season to visit if you want to play golf and enjoy the neighboring Lake Michigan in the warm weather. Visitors can attend the annual Kohler Food and Wine Festival in the fall, while Winter Wonderland offers ice skating, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and other activities throughout the winter.

Accommodations in Kohler

Around the turn of the century, Kohler's immigrant industrial workers were housed at the American Club. It was changed into a five-star resort in the 1980s, complete with three restaurants, a garden cafe, lovely courtyards, and many of phrazle quaint hiding places to discover. Naturally, you may anticipate finding a lot of Kohler products in The American Club and the other on-site lodgings.

The Coach House

This hotel, which was formerly known as The American Club Carriage House, is connected to the Kohler Waters Spa and places a strong emphasis on visitor wellness. A wellness concierge is available on-site who can make arrangements for everything from yoga sessions by the lake to unique hotel features that promote wellness. The full use of the spa during the weekdays is one of the nicest aspects about being here.

On Woodlake Inn

With multi-bedroom rooms and a prominent position on Wood Lake, just a short stroll from shops and restaurants, the modern and stylish Inn on Woodlake is ideal for groups.

Cabin Collection by Kohler

For those seeking a more remote experience, Kohler offers a selection of five distinctive cabins, from the more opulent Pond Cabin to the 100-year-old Tomczyk Cabin (which lacks electricity and running water).
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