China Lapping Slurry Additive

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Posted by phorod24 from the Agriculture category at 24 Apr 2023 01:17:46 am.
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China Lapping Slurry Additive Shanghai leading semiconductor technology development Co. Ltd. is a comprehensive solution to the professional supplier of precision plane processing scheme, the precision plane grinding, polishing and grinding applications for customers on behalf of the world's most advanced level and the highest quality equipment, supplies and technology service. LSTD including their own laboratories, factories and technicians, can engage in the design, manufacture, polishing and polishing processing services of the open developing and non-standard polishing equipments. Shanghai leading semiconductor technology development Co. Ltd. is committed to becoming a semiconductor, optoelectronics, precision optics, hydraulic, aerospace, nuclear power, oil and other industries precision plane processing products and application of the most professional suppliers, to provide the best plane grinding, polishing and processing applications including equipment, supplies and technical support, a stop service for customers. Application to focus on the collar precision surface grinding and polishing and grinding precision plane processing products and technology development and technology; our products and technology is widely used in various semiconductor, optoelectronics, optical, precision ceramics, precision metal processing, nuclear power and other industries. Our focus and awareness of innovation enable us to be technically able to lead the same industry, and to provide our customers with the best process applications. Develop and introduce new & advanced lapping/polishing products and technologies to Customers; Registered capital: RMB 43M,Registered capital: RMB 43M With Machining& Assembling Area (for normal Machines) ,Machining& Assembling Area (for normal Machines) ,Production Area,Warehouse and Logistics Area ,Process R&D Area,and office. China Lapping Slurry Additive website:
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