Laser Cutting Machine made in China

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Laser Cutting Machine made in China A fiber laser cutting machine is a type of laser cutting machine that uses a fiber laser to cut or engrave materials. Fiber lasers are different than traditional CO2 laser cutting machines in that they use an active fiber optic core to generate the laser beam. The beam is then amplified within the fiber and transmitted to the cutting head, which can be focused to a very small spot size. This allows for higher power density and faster cutting speeds, as well as better edge quality. Laser cutting machine has been widely used in different kinds of industries, which has replaced the traditional cutting machines totally. Since no special maintenance is needed, using cost is saved to minimum. High cutting accuracy leads to premium cutting result. Feature and Advantage 鈻?nbsp;Blue Blue White鈥檚 laser cutting machine is made of machine bed, beam, exchange working table, dust smoking, Z axis device, control system, gas and water circuit. 鈭?Machine bed锛?/strong> Hollow bed design can avoid hot deformation causing from high heat energy by laser. Based on dynamic structure design principle and finite element method variable analysis technique, machine bed has excellent whole welding structure in both dynamic and static performances. The machine base is a welded frame, fabricated by professional welding, secondary aging treatment, large linear milling machine. All these design and fabrication ensure the laser cutting machine to have good antiknock characteristics, good rigidity and good stability. The advantage of hollow bed design: Since there is no welding in effective cutting area, laser has no heat conduction or impact on the machine bed. Thermal deformation from high power laser issue has been solved. Compared to traditional structure, hollow body structure is more rigid, and its resonance frequency is lower. More smooth speed and accelerated speed. Longer life. 鈭?nbsp;Beam: The beam is made of aviation aluminum, made by extrusion forming. After intension strength removed by annealing, rough machining is conducted. Then after secondary vibration limitation treatment, finish machining is conducted. All these processes ensure the strength, rigidity and stability of the beam. Through T5 thermal treatment, the rigidity is 1.5 times as cast aluminium beam. The weight is only about 50KG. There is organ protective cover all around the beam, which protects the gear and linear guide from air and dust. 鈭?nbsp;Parallel exchange worktable锛?/strong> Exchange worktable is made of a fixed worktable frame and a cutting worktable. Fixed worktable frame: bending and welding of thick plate technique, all parts will be welded together later, thus the worktable has a very strong loading capacity. Cutting worktable: parallel pulling structure, higher loading capacity, made of complete square tubes welded together. The structure is stable and the exchange speed is fast as 10s. The advantage of exchange worktables: Higher loading capacity Easy loading Simple structure leads to little maintenance. The fix clamping device on the worktable can guarantee when one worktable is cutting, the another one is loading. Since all the processes are stable, the cutting accuracy can be guaranteed well. Innovate structure design can avoid collapse or deformation of the worktable. 鈭?nbsp;Dust smoking: Dust smoking works in multiple sections and different areas. It is used to get rid of dust and wasted gas generated in production. Through filter emissions treatment, the working environment is purified and comfortable. The advantages: 鈼?Patent design, working in set time, sections and areas. 鈼?nbsp;Blowing rate in tube is specially designed, detected by professional wind speed instrument. 鈼?nbsp;Air passage is 1.5 times as traditional machine鈥檚鈼?nbsp;No dust and smoke in laser cutting area, environmental friendly 鈭?nbsp;Gas and water circuits: There are 2 gas circuits, one supplies cutting air to the cutting head, includes clean dry compressed air, nitrogen and oxygen. Another one supplies supplementary compressed air, used for air draw cylinder for different areas and clamping cylinder on worktable. 3 types of cutting air can be freely chosen through proportional valve, including air, nitrogen and oxygen. 鈼?nbsp;Nitrogen, oxygen and air can get into proportional valve respectively. In and out air pressure can be controlled accurately through system control, the consistence of cutting quality is guaranteed. 鈼?nbsp;Pressure feedback: there is a build in pressure feedback sensor in proportional valve. When the pressure is lower than set value or no pressure, proportional valve will send feedback signal to system, system will send out alarm and stop the machine. In this way, material and components can be protected from damaged. There are 2 cooling water circuits from water chilling unit, one goes into the cutting head to get its QBH cooled, another one goes into the inside of laser device to get it cooled. After the circulation, water will go back to water chilling unit. 鈻?/span> Software system锛?/strong> Based on Windows operation interface both in Chinese and English with features including high reliability, premium performance, smart, networking, high cost performance, easy operation, convenient to use. 鈭?nbsp;Premium performance 鈼?nbsp;High speed and accuracy 鈼?nbsp;Simple and intuitive system interface 鈼?nbsp;Overall diagnose function, search for defaults quickly 鈼?nbsp;Change into different supplementary gas easily and quickly through this system 鈼?nbsp;Professional cutting technique parameter database. 鈼?nbsp; cutting status and current location display in realtime. 鈭?nbsp;System function 鈼?nbsp;laser head auto focus 鈼?nbsp;repeat function 鈼?nbsp;start from breakpoint function 鈼?nbsp;search for sheet edge function 鈼?nbsp;cutting gap compensation 鈼?nbsp;pulse cutting function 鈼?nbsp;leapfrog function 鈼?nbsp;edge sharing function 鈼?nbsp;CAD drawing import 鈼?nbsp;Auto sorting function 鈼?nbsp;Technique database based on different material and thickness 鈼?nbsp;cutting routine auto optimizing 鈼?nbsp;label print and little hole mark 鈼?nbsp;film cutting 鈻?/span> Laser head (ProCutter) ProCutter Zoom 2.0 laser head provides maximum capacity 12kW with smallest size. It can offer ideal laser to all kinds of material with different thickness. Wide movement range and variable laser spot bring all kinds of material with different thickness the best cutting result. Compared to the fixed laser spot, in certain area, with variable laser spot, speed is 35% higher. Variable laser spot also brings quality to parts and stability to technics. Without operator鈥檚 intervene, changes during cutting process or from material quality can be compensated automatically. When cutting through material, splash avoided, fabrication time shortened. All sensors show the status of related core assembles, thus the machine鈥檚 down time can be decreased. When cutting thick plate, wide movement range brings excellent harshness and squareness. 鈻?nbsp; Servo motor锛圷ASKAWA锛?/strong> advantages锛?/strong> 鈼?nbsp;Increase machine performance and speed 鈼?nbsp;Machin is more convenient to use. No setup adjustment needed for stable movement with no vibration. 鈼?nbsp;Be able to adapt to more different environment. Range of application is enlarged. 鈼?nbsp;More compatible. Be compatible with the program and parameter before. 鈼?nbsp;Abundant motor type and related products. 鈼?nbsp;Abundant auxiliary function. When servo motor in fault, motor info can be seen on site. 鈼?nbsp;Security rank SIL3. Equipped with temperature sensor. 鈻?/span> Water cooling unit special for laser cutting machine local famous brand, stable and high accuracy. One temperature control circuit for laser device and one for laser head to guarantee stability. Function includes: water pressure alarm, too high or too low temperature alarm, voltage alarm and all fault alarms. Technical parameter Input power380V/50HZ Cooling mediumDistilled water or deionized water Temperature control accuracy卤 0.1潞C Normal temperature water setup30 潞C(adjustable) Frozen water setup25 潞C(adjustable) High temperature alarm50潞C Low temperature alarm-10潞C Flow alarmAccording to setup Water pressure alarmAccording to setup 鈻?/span> Machine configuration overall Part nameBrand laser headProCutter, Germany Disc reduction boxAlpha, Germany screw rackAlpha, Germany linear guideYinTai, China fiber laser deviceRaycus, China servo motorYAKAWA, Japan CNC systemFriendess 8000, China Proportional valveSMC, Japan Magnetic valveSMC, Japan Electrical componentsSchneider, France Water cooling unitHanLi, China Specification ModelS3015/S4015/S12025 Working area (mm)3000x1500/4000x1500/12000x2500 Laser power (kW)1.5/3/6.6/12 Maximum speed (m/min)120 Maximum acceleration (g)1.2 X/Y Axis positioning accuracy (mm/m)+/-0.03 X/Y Axis repeated positioning accuracy (mm)+/-0.03 ModelE4020/E8025/E12025 Working area (mm)4000x2000/8000x2500/12000x2500 Laser power (kW)6.6/12 Maximum speed (m/min)140 Maximum acceleration (g)1.2 X/Y Axis positioning accuracy (mm/m)+/-0.03 X/Y Axis repeated positioning accuracy (mm)+/-0.02 Capacity chart Material1.5kW3kW4kW6.6kW12kW Carbon Steel (mm)1620252545 Stainless steel (mm)612122040 Aluminum (mm)58121622 Brass (mm)5681420 Application 鈭?nbsp;Used for flat cutting. 鈭?nbsp;Application industries锛?sheet metal fabrication, rail transportation, ship building, automobile, engineering manufacturing, agriculture and forestry machinery, electrical manufacturing, elevator, domestic appliance, food machinery, textile machinery, tool processing, petroleum machinery, kitchen equipment, decoration and signs. 鈭?nbsp;Cutting material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, acid washing plate, galvanized steel, silicon steel, titanium alloy, manganese alloy, nickel plate.Laser Cutting Machine made in China website:
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