Purple-blue Non-rechargeable Disposable E-cigarette made in China

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Posted by phorod24 from the Agriculture category at 24 Apr 2023 01:12:53 am.
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Purple-blue Non-rechargeable Disposable E-cigarette made in China Company Profile ENEMK, founded in 2003, is an international export trading company specializing in the research and development and sales of electronic cigarette products. ENEMK's main business includes the research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of Enemk brand products in the United States, Britain, Europe, Australia, Russia and other countries. ENEMK aims to provide high quality and safe e-cigarettes to its customers through its core technology and capabilities across the industry chain. At the same time, ENEMK constantly improves the juvenile protection mechanism, with the help of technology and big data, all-round protection of the growth of minors. CEO's Message ENEMK adheres to the concept of "pure and healthy" and pursues the mission of "making people healthy and happy and optimistic". Adhere to the mission of "prohibit minors from buying and using", to provide users with a healthier and happier lifestyle. Team Introduction At present, the company has its own factory, which belongs to the integration of industry and trade. At present, the company has more than 200 people and is in the developing stage. Most of the core members of the company are graduates from domestic universities and those with overseas study experience. Its leaders have more than 20 years of overseas development experience. As the first group engaged in e-cigarette industry, they have witnessed the rapid development of e-cigarette, accumulated rich experience in e-cigarette operation, and formed a scientific management system. Team members are young and energetic, innovative and brave to meet challenges. Have a good sense of social responsibility, willing to change the safe and healthy e-cigarette industry contribution. Competitive Advantage Quality is always ENEMK's advantage. ENEMK wants consumers to be able to enjoy their suction without any hassle or distraction. Products are carefully checked before they are safely delivered to our customers. Our factory will be strictly controlled, medical grade dust-free production workshop, professionally trained staff, scientifically designed assembly line, committed to providing consumers with safer experience and a better way of life. At the same time, we value every partner, no matter their size. ENEMK team always wholeheartedly for the sake of their partners, provide them with a full range of services, establish a long-term relationship. Our Culture Company Vision Become the world's first-class electronic cigarette product design, research and development, production, sales as one of the comprehensive solutions provider. Company Philosophy Sincerity, quality, innovation, service. Company Values Customer-centered,innovation-driven, intelligence-led, we are committed to giving full play to the advantages of e-cigarette industry chain, facing the world, continuously creating value for customers, and bringing excellent experience for users. Purple-blue Non-rechargeable Disposable E-cigarette made in China website:http://www.electronic-cigarette-vape.com/
June 2023
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