There's a staff legendary in the demo that turns

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Posted by doris895923 from the Agriculture category at 19 Apr 2023 12:42:29 am.
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"As we've been developing the game, we thought that we could develop sets in a different approach to the ones we've seen during Diablo 3. However, we wanted more time to integrate sets in the game in the way that will work well with the rest of Diablo 4, so you won't be seeing sets when you first start into the game." Shely explains. "We think sets are interesting, and we'd like to do them right - which is why we're taking a look in the future for our live-stream service."

"There's a staff legendary in the demo that turns [the spell] fireball into the triple fireball spell" former director of the game Luis Barriga told Polygon(opens in new tab) back in 2019. "The different is that you know, a game that is currently in play Diablo 3 gives you bonuses which can be a million times more. I believe we're designing the game right now to be more constrained to avoid getting us in that exponential energy curve."

If you're not aware, Set Items are basically strong pieces of gear that offer more power when set up. They're 'set' as they're always providing the same benefits, and also they are part of sets. They first came into play with Diablo 2, though it was in Diablo 3 when they became truly dominant. It is yet to be determined how they'll impact their impact on the Diablo 4 meta should they be released, but we have no doubt that their impact on the Sanctuary's unfurling fashion scene will be felt.

In the world of PC games that never ceases to be a constant. While our fantastic virtual universe continues to turn on its imaginary axis, there's lot to look forward in the near future. There's Hogwarts Legacy Starfield, Diablo 4 and many more, but it's worth casting our thoughts back to the best PC games from 2022.

As Christmas draws towards a close and fireworks litter the horizon, we've decided to take the liberty of compiling some of the year's major news events into one spot - after all there's nothing wrong about a bit of nostalgia?
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