5 Best Offset Printing Tips For Self Publishers

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Posted by bookprintingcn from the Tips And How To category at 18 Apr 2023 10:26:15 am.
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Offset printing is still the most popular printing way, when the publishers need large quantity and more high-quality printing. Here are some tips for self-publishers when select offset printing to print projects.

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What's Offset Printing

Offset printing, also known as lithography. Offset printing is a printing method that transfers the ink on the rubber surface to the paper surface through a roller-type rubber die.

Offset printing provides more options for self-publishers, from book printing to package printing. Whether you are a new self-publisher or rich experienced businessman, you can choose offset printing to help you do high cost effective and high-quality printing. With offset printing to print your project, when you print more, and you can save more.

The advantage of offset printing

Consistently high image quality. Offset printing produces sharp, clear images and is easier to type on than, for example, letterpress printing.

Quick and easy production of printing plates.

Plate life is longer compared to direct lithography. Because there is no direct contact between the plate and the printing surface.

Low cost. Offset printing is the cheapest method used to produce high-quality prints in commercial printing runs.

Offset printing VS digital printing

Offset printing needs to make a printing plate. Digital printing doesn't need to make a printing plate. Digital printing can directly printing files on the paper. That means digital printing can save much time than offset printing.

Digital printing technology is eco-friendly than traditional printing. Since there is no need for film, or even printing plate, dampening solution and developer in the digital workflow. Digital printing largely avoids the volatilization of solvents during graphic transfer. Which effectively reducing the harm to the environment.

Offset printing quality is better than digital printing. Digital printing is suitable for normal quality printing.

Large quantity printing, the cost of digital printing is higher than offset printing. Digital printing is suitable for small print, print on demand, short run printing. If for large quantity printing, such as over 1000 copies, selecting offset printing not only can make sure printing quality, also can reduce unit per printing cost and increase your profit.

Which cases should consider offset printing?

Large quantity printing-If for large quantity printing, such as print over 1000 copies books. Compared to other printing ways (like digital printing), select offset printing can help you save a lot of per book printing cost and boosting your profits.

High quality printing-If you pursue a more high quality printing, offset printing is the best choice.
But if you are new in the publishing industry, and you are not sure how many books you will sell, select offset printing is a risky choice. Before choosing the printing way, you do better do a market research. So that to confirm your printing quantity and then choose the printing way.

Binding options for offset book printing

Binding is an important part for self-publishers when printing book with offset printing. The common binding options, like saddle stitched, wire-o and spiral binding, perfect binding, hardcover, etc. The binding way often depends on your book types.

Saddle stitched is the most popular and economy binding way, which is suitable for booklet, text book, zine, cheaper comic book, etc.Perfect binding is the most popular binding way for various of softcover book, like novel, catalog, children's book, etc. Hardcover binding is suitable for various types of hardcover book, like coffee table book, photo book, etc. If you want, any book type, you can use hardcover binding.

When select book binding way for your book, you need to consider your book size, page counts and book types, etc. Because the binding not only impacts your offset printing cost, also impacts your book effect.

Offset printing with advantages and disadvantages. When you do print on demand, short run printing, small quantity printing, the cost will be very high and the production time is slower. But when you do large quantity and more high quality printing, offset printing is the most cost effect way. Moreover, offset printing can provide more paper options and surface finishing. Such as offset printing can do embossing or foil stamping on the special paper.

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