Rogues suffer from too many damage modifications

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Posted by Devon456 from the Agriculture category at 18 Apr 2023 01:52:27 am.
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And, I really don't have any idea, but I'm convinced that many of the complaints are due to the reality that fighting most enemies feels like smacking your opponents with a noodle as well as some random skin or bones dead dead guy who his lungs every five seconds, and has an average health rate of 10x that of a living human being.

I've played the game for about 2 hours, certain times as a ranger, some as a rogue a little bit of the other types, but mostly cleric. I played the entire goblin solo in the dungeon. I was able to escape a grand total of 2 times, mostly due to the fact that I teamed up/formed the truce with a group of people (via intense teabagging) who didn't attempt to kill each others.

It's a game of PvPvE. Not PvEvPvP lol. That's weird. But anyway. If they can make crowds "smarter" Even more people will be crying then just having mobs of bullet sponges. That really aren't even so strong. The majority of people aren't aware of the perk system. This is partly due to dry tool tips and insufficient information. But also people being afraid of trying and dying to discover the answers. Perks are so big of a deal in this game. It's time to make it more transparent.

Rogues suffer from too many damage modifications

Design. Fantastic conceptually. Implementation is not great, but workable. Flat damage is not a good design for a game that has the different speed of attack for spells and weapons. Wizards must begin by using dagger and orb, and a crystal sword instead of the staff.

Make hit regs fixable and more than 1 offensive spell that is viable for wizards( I have done the math, only one spell is feasible for pve, magic missiles, and in pvp chain lightning , fireball can kill the wizard much faster than opponents.
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