Why use a mobile signal interceptor?

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Posted by jammer from the Technology category at 14 Apr 2023 05:47:09 am.
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Supporters of such technologies believe that signal jammer devices are essential in many places where people seem unable to comply with widely accepted and correct rules of mobile etiquette. Think of schools, theaters, cars, or other quiet trains... almost all places where conversations, texting, streaming, and other activities may be considered destructive or even dangerous.
Please remember that mobile signal blockers not only block voice and text on your phone, but also interfere with GPS, WiFi, and may be the most problematic - police radar. That's why, as mentioned above, the federal government has banned the sale, promotion, and use of mobile signal blockers in the United States. Therefore, if you want to achieve a bit of calmness and quietness with the help of a shiny new signal blocker, you may only need to wear earplugs.
8 Bands Jammer DeviceWhat would be helpful if I were looking for the best mobile jammer?
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What is the range of the mobile jammer?
The cell phone jammer operates within the same frequency range as the mobile operator. Like GSM mobile networks, the frequencies in Europe and Asia are 900MHz and 1800 MHz, while in the United States they are 1.9GHz. The jammer can also effectively resist CDMA, AMPS, iDEN, DCS, and other communication frequency bands and technologies. Analog and digital phones are equally susceptible to interference. The range of interference devices depends on their power supply and location. Starting from portable jammers, different forms and sizes of jammers can interfere with signals within a range of approximately 30 feet. For larger devices, it can reach up to 1 mile.
Can jammers gps blocker? How much power is required to interfere with GPS?
For example, in fleet management tracking, GPS information can be associated with data such as fuel usage, driving behavior, engine health, vehicle synchronization, and safety indicators. Jammers can disrupt all of this information and cause significant interruptions. When the GPS signal reaches the Earth's surface, it is weak and easily overcome by higher power radio frequency (RF) energy. Even a small jammer with a power of approximately 10 watts can interfere with unprotected C/A code receivers within a range of approximately 30 kilometers (line of sight).
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