Who can buy jammers?

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Signal interference involves using a jammer to transmit "noise" that interferes with the frequency range of wireless device operation. A signal jammer can be a handheld portable device that can block wireless communication within a radius of 15 meters. Legally speaking, jammers can only be purchased by the state police department of the central government prison authorities.
What if you believe that authorized communication has been disrupted
Poor network connectivity can be caused by various factors, including faulty devices, physical obstacles blocking signals, or legitimate devices operating at the same frequency. Before filing a complaint, be sure to follow the manufacturer and service provider's recommendations to resolve your device and connection issues. In addition to consulting user manuals and company technical support, searching for your device/model and specific issues on the internet may help identify or eliminate possible causes.
Mobile phone jammer are also known as Public Mobile Telecommunications Service (PMTS) jammers. These devices can block or interfere with phone signals. They can: block access from people calling emergency services.
Jammer is a blocking device used for mobile phones, which sends blocking signals from the same frequency range of the phone to the tower, causing the phone to lose signals from that station due to interference. But the main problem is that Jammer cannot be detected.
The working principle of GPS jammers is to generate a white noise radio signal, which is transmitted at the same frequency as the GPS satellite, which can block the signals of GPS tracking equipment and navigation system.
3G 4G Cell Phone JammerHow do you know if someone is using a signal jammer?
  • How to detect signal jammers?
  • You guessed right, the most common symptom of interference from mobile signal jammers is service interruption.
  • Although there are indeed applications that claim to be able to detect signal jammers, they are largely unproven and require valid signals to operate.
How long can the jammer last?
A jammer is a consumable item that disables the ability to view icons on the map unless you deploy a jammer. This also applies to destructive towers. The jammer has a range of 40 meters in all directions. The jammer will automatically interrupt after a duration of 3 minutes (180 seconds). Interference signals generate interference peaks or bands in the range Doppler map. These interference peaks or bands effectively mask the target and lead to incorrect tracks, thus achieving the goal of interfering with passive radar systems.
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