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Posted by Devon456 from the Agriculture category at 10 Apr 2023 12:18:44 am.
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Also known under the name Ronnie 2K, Singh has witnessed NBA2K reach heights that never were thought possible before when the franchise first put Michael Jordan on their cover in the year 2011. An exclusive interview was conducted with Singh discussed the day of launch, player ratings, entertainment involvement, the sport's community, and the NBA2K staff that make it all possible.Note that this interview has been edited lightly and streamlined for clarity.

"This game is extremely important to the culture and there are many people who are part of our society, therefore it's all about making sure our players are really satisfied. This involves the NBA players that play in our games, the stars, the sportsmen," Singh said. "So today I'm sending out a lot of codes to people. I dropped off an online game on Travis, PG, and some of the people I'm close with.

The cultural momentum that this sport has, its launch day only gets larger. It's to admit it, overwhelming, however, it is also very exciting. "As the spokesperson for NBA2K, Singh has an enormously significant role in the continuous growth of the sport. From encouraging the participation of the athletes and celebrities to personally engaging with the larger community, Singh understands the massive role he plays.

"I consider myself to be a part of the funnel when it comes to people who are aware of the world. I've maintained relationships with every larger person that plays our game, but also our community, our base of players trusts myself to ensure that they are informed with what's happening," Singh said. "Our game is no longer just a matter of dropping it and moving on with it. It's updated every six weeks, significant ones with new music, fresh features in the game New MyTeam cards, and brand new clothing clothes, and more every six weeks.
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