All melee attacks can be delayed up

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Posted by Devon456 from the Agriculture category at 08 Apr 2023 01:59:49 am.
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All standard attacks in all classes are now moving 50-40 percent faster. This allows you to squeeze enemies, making parrying more difficult.

All melee attacks can be delayed up to a one second by pressing the button...

All melee attacks delayed longer turn into block breakers. They deal somewhat less damage while reverse the stun that is slight, penalizing individuals for not taking care to avoid the telegraphed attack. allows the player to follow up with a quick attack or start preparing another powerful attack that forces the opponent to withdraw or try a new unsuccessful parry.

Power attacks can't be stopped. even by death. Once the power attack starts, the momentum will carry it through until the final stage, post mortem.

Blocks breaking a shield deals huge damage at the shield bar with the excess water flowing at the target and punishes hiding behind a shield rather than moving forward to avoid attack.

Block breaking attacks deal 50-100 per cent more damage, dependent on the weapon

Daggers and lightweight weapons, such as rapiers, cannot preform block breakers. this makes sneaky clever students to appear sneaky clever , and relie on outmatching and moving enemies.

Congratulations if you made it down here to wrap the event.

These factors together result in an abundance of instant to instant options and reactions you can choose to take and that your opponent will react to.
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