Feeling the pressures of a doldrums experience

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Posted by Alice ward from the General category at 01 Apr 2023 06:23:23 pm.
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A dream of speaking eloquently reflects a desire to be more formal and less casual in life. The speaker feels uncivilized or might even remember their reaction to someone saying they are too simple-minded or confusing.

When we feel like everyone around us is too simple, and that they will never get anywhere in life, it’s because we’re feeling the pressures of a doldrums experience. This energy comes up when someone feels as though their responsibility to others has taken precedence over what makes them happy or fulfilled.

Feeling the pressures of a doldrums experience

Dreaming that you are speaking eloquently shows how much you care about yourself and your progress. It also means that this is what matters most to you right now, so keep working on it! If everyone around in the dream speaks better than I do or with more confidence, maybe my feelings of not being accepted by others will pass once they get to know me a little bit better.

In this dream, you may have felt embarrassed and unhappy when in a room full of people who spoke more eloquently than you. You might also feel like an elitist snob if everyone around was speaking at a lower level and ineloquently while you were dressed formally but had no idea what words were coming out of your mouth.

You quickly realized that you were able to switch between an eloquent way and a more straightforward way of speaking. This made you happy because it allowed for greater empathy towards others with different ways of communicating, which is always an excellent skill in life!

When you are feeling like the dumbest person in any room, this may be a reoccurring dream. You may be subconsciously reminded of an experience where you felt outclassed by others for whatever reason, therefore creating these feelings within your dreams.

While dreaming of eloquent speech, the feelings you may have encountered included intelligence, certainty, pride, and weakness. You might experience sadness or clarity when you contemplate your dream in the morning after waking up from sleep. In a challenging scenario, where judgmental thoughts arise, it is like an uncertain situation that is not clearly defined by black and white parameters.
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