Diablo Immortal has a ways to go to shake

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Posted by Emilylowes from the Agriculture category at 30 Mar 2023 01:22:06 am.
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The final major feature in the update is the brand new exploration system for the Warband Castle. Together with up to eight other players You'll be battling through 16 rooms of monsters and one final battle to discover the heirlooms that will enhance your warband.

Over all, Forgotten Nightmares appears to be an important update for Diablo Immortal. Alongside the major changes, it also includes an array of minor features such as new cosmetics raid bosses, events and much more. However, as has been said by many community members The constant focus on warbands will not be able to be a hit with all players. If you'd rather play on your own, you'll only gain from the brand new item set, since you'll have to group up to experience the new dungeon, or Warband exploration system.

Diablo Immortal has a ways to go to shake off the initial controversy surrounding its launch and has been doing wonders to restore Blizzard's active user number. If you're still enjoying Diablo Immortal? Or have you switched to a different game that doesn't pay-to-win?

Activision Blizzard is currently under probe over accusations of harassment, discrimination, and fostering a hostile work environment. Find out more about this investigation by clicking here.

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