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Posted by Devon456 from the Agriculture category at 30 Mar 2023 12:28:17 am.
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The game is about tactics involved in fighting The actual execution of the fight isn't considered to be a significant aspect .

You're rewarded for putting yourself in a position to benefit before the fight starts instead of for doing a crouch-spin+tilt trick you learned on youtube.

I enjoy these kinds of games, however, I'm not going to be a snarky jerk this isn't a typical game.

Taking that kind of action-related skill ceiling down is exactly the reason why the devs have effectively killed Wizard with pretty over-the-top nerfs (and Ranger is next).

You've completely misunderstood what's the general idea in this article.

This is similar to going to CS:GO and asking why there's no Medic or Spy course.

Affected by trolls and in a position to take action. Steam has proven their handling of threads poor. As the maker of a thread, we should be able to have the ability to control what happens in our own threads in the event that steam mods fail to manage it correctly. 12 hours or more for some reports. That being said...

Let's do it again!

If you feel the need to make a complaint about this game, please do so here. It is best to first inquire if you're really interested in playing DaD! If you're planning to complain and cry on the subject. Don't speak a word. It is your right to quit DaD without voicing your terrible view. There is people willing to provide advice and assist you to improve your game. Please ask questions here! The skilled players are ready to aid in closing the gap! There's no need to be alone in the darkness! Trolls will be reported but not listened to.
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