Effective Measured 650nm Red Line Laser Module

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Posted by daisyjanet from the Technology category at 28 Mar 2023 08:38:36 am.
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In those of industrial and high tech precise line aligning work fields, unless the use of any manual line drawing or printing work, it is always making efficient job for users to apply an intense beam emitting tool, such as a 650nm red line laser module. The genuine use of an import 650nm red laser diode and separate crystal lens are cooperating well. Configured with high duration and ultra compact size tube design, after its proper installation and adjustment to correct position, this laser line generator just assures easy reaching, highly precise and fine enough red line projection onto a lot of raw material surfaces.
Not the same as any manual line drawing or printing work, without any seriously limited by long distance or high height, the genuine use of a 650nm red line laser module gets no limitation by working environments at all. It is projecting moderate brightness and visibility red laser light emission from a 650nm red laser diode within 5mW to 100mW. For the most important of all, being made with a metal heat sink cooling system inside different dimension anodized aluminum alloy housing tube, this red laser line generator always leaves enough space for tube cooling down, and achieves highly reliable red line generation in long lasting use.
According to advanced use of a qualified separate crystal lens within 10 to 93 degree, equipping with a glass window inside metal housing tube, whatever kind of working surface it is pointing, this red line laser module is projects the best quality non Gaussian distribution red laser light, and highly uniform and fine infrared line in continuous use. Whatever kind of working surface it is pointing, it keeps work with the same line brightness from middle part towards both ends, and no appearance of laser light decay or blur in continuous use.
On basis of basis measurement and experiment of technical data, 650nm red line laser module enables correct use of output power and optic lens degree. When it makes constant line generation within the maximum work distance of 25 meters, unless it is pointing under sunlight, it is able to provide ideal line aligning source for a lot of raw material processing works, including laser cutting, sand milling, stone, wood, garment and metal processing work etc. Under operation of high attention to powerful red laser radiation and reflection, after proper wearing of laser safety goggles and avoiding eye exposure to beam aperture, this industrial alignment laser achieves easy and secured use in all application fields.
June 2023
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