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Key Elements
16.2MP High Goal
Clear Mirror for Quick Concentration
921K Speck 3" Tiltable LCD screen
3x 18-55mm Focal point (Equiv to 27-82.5mm)
Inherent GPS
Full HD 1080/60i Video
3D Breadth Scene Mode
Speedy AF for Full HD Film Catch
10 Casings Each Second Constant Shooting
Up to ISO 12800 Responsiveness

Assuming you like to live like there's no tomorrow, this Sony Alpha DSLR-SLT-A55 Advanced Camera W/18-55mm Focal point will take you to the main edge of DSLR innovation, with the very first clear mirror plan. Interestingly, a high-goal live picture see with fast, precise stage recognition self-adjust is accessible consistently - through the LCD or the electronic viewfinder. This implies that in any event, moving articles stay in sharp concentration consistently, whether you're shooting full HD video or stills.

Sony SLT-A55 information and features that is not all the A55 brings to the table. It has 16.2MP of high goal caught on an APS-C size HD CMOS picture sensor, a 3x DT 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 (35mm identical 27-82.5mm) focal point, worked in GPS that records the area and season of each and every shot you take and allows you to see your pictures on a guide (with viable PC and Web applications), an unbelievably sharp, splendid 3" tiltable LCD screen with 921,000 dabs, worked in streak, full HD 1080/60i video, a marvelous 3D display mode that joins 3 pictures into a 3D picture, and up to 10 edges each second persistent shooting.

With the picture adjustment, Hand-held Night Shot mode, Multi-outline NR mode (which takes 6 photographs in fast progression and utilizations the best information from each to make 1 staggering picture), and responsiveness up to ISO 25600, you will not at any point need to miss an image because of dimness once more.

Face Identification perceives faces and upgrades openness and concentration for them, Grin Screen snaps the photo just when it distinguishes the subject grinning. There's likewise a programmed HDR mode which take 3 photographs of a high-contrast circumstance, and merges the feature, shadow and mid-tone information together to make 1 ideal photograph. Obviously the A55 additionally has imaginative modes like Norm, Clear, Picture, Scene, Dusk, B/W (Difference, Immersion, Sharpness flexible in +/ - 3 stages), Full scale, Sports Activity, Night Representation, and some more.

16.2 Megapixel Goal
You get extraordinary detail and ravishing extensions. Because of the 16.2 megapixel APS-C sensor size and Sony Exmor APS HD CMOS innovation, the camera accomplishes high goal with no punishment in low-light circumstances.
Clear Mirror Innovation
Other DSLRs can shoot. Or on the other hand they can concentrate with the speed and accuracy of Stage Recognition AF. They can't do both without a moment's delay. The SLT-A55 is the world's most memorable DSLR with Clear Mirror Innovation that guides light to both the picture sensor and the Stage Recognition AF sensor all the while.
Underlying GPS
A coordinated GPS collector records the area and season of each and every shot you take and allows you to see your pictures on a guide with viable PC and Web applications, so you can recollect where you made your number one efforts.
DT 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 Focal point
3x DT 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 (35mm identical 27-82.5mm) long range focal point
Full HD 1080/60i Motion pictures
This is a very rare example of DSLRs with 1080/60i Full HD, the very same goal and casing rate as most transmission and link HDTV channels. Records in 1080/60i AVCHD design, 1080/30p superior quality in PC-accommodating MP4 arrangement and standard definition 480/30p in MP4 design.
10 Edges Each Second Consistent
The clear mirror makes it far simpler to catch the unequivocal soccer kick or your child at her outright cutest. The Sony SLT-A55 camera shoots full, 16.2 MP goal pictures at up to 10 fps while keeping up with nonstop auto concentration and auto openness.
Fast AF for Full HD Film Catch
When most DSLRs shoot video, their Difference AF is slow and apparently "chases" for center. The Speedy AF Full HD Film holds a similar quick, exact Stage Recognition you appreciate for still pictures. It's an unequivocal benefit for following quick subjects and a significant advantage of Clear Mirror Innovation.
APS-C Size HD CMOS Picture Sensor
With 19.5 times the region of the average camcorder picture sensor, APS-C has the effect among beginner and expert looking video, conveying an outstanding mix of high goal, high responsiveness and lovely, obscured foundations.
Multi-Casing NR
Experience mind blowing low-light shooting without a glimmer. The camera catches six pictures in a small part of a second. Consolidating the information from each of the six, it makes a solitary picture with a decrease in commotion comparable to two extra strides of ISO responsiveness. Awareness selectable up to ISO 25600. (Suggested for still subjects.)
Sony Exmor Innovation
Traditional picture sensors utilize just a modest bunch of simple to-computerized (A/D) converters, which can dial you back. The Exmor sensor gives in excess of 4,000 section equal A/D converters. This empowers nonstop taking shots at up to 7 edges each second.
Hand-Held Night Shot
Get cleaner and more honed evening time pictures-past the capacity of conventional cameras-without utilizing streak or a mount. The camera catches six pictures in a negligible portion of a second. Joining the information with isolated calculations for still and complex components of the image diminishes obscure, limits commotion and empowers exceptional detail.
Auto HDR Incorporated Into Camera
Catches more scene dynamic reach than a solitary openness can deal with and more reach than photograph film. Consolidates the best feature detail from a single shot, the best mid-tones from a second and the best shadow detail from a third for one mind boggling shot. Catches in a brief moment. (Suggested for still subjects.)
3D Range Display Mode
Catch huge grand vistas and 16:9 shots in dynamite 3D. As you clear across the scene, the camera records separate right-eye and left-eye pictures that make scenes wake up on your 3D television3. Records both JPEG and MPO document designs.
Eye-Level Electronic Viewfinder
The Tru-locater Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) is really splendid, simple to see with 1.1x amplification, super sharp with 1.44 million spots (1.15 powerful) and gives 100 percent outline inclusion. Openness see and educational overlays make activity simple.
15-Point Auto Concentration
To augment the worth of Clear Mirror Innovation, Sony consolidates Stage Identification AF of extraordinary complexity. Three cross sensors boost accuracy.
Slant/turn 3" LCD Screen
Slant it up or down to approach high-and low-point shots that sounds hit-or-miss, truly. Slant and turn under the camera for self-representations. Crease it flush to the camera with the LCD uncovered for shooting or safeguarded for movement.
Principal Sensor Speedy AF Live View
This the world's most memorable DSLR to consolidate the ideal focal point of Stage Discovery with excellent Live View pictures right from the primary sensor. This is made conceivable by Sony Clear Mirror Innovation. You get exact pictures and 100 percent outlining on the LCD screen or eye-level viewfinder.
Eye-Level Locater for HD Mov
The eye-level locater is one reason individuals love DSLRs. However, that locater goes dim at whatever point you shoot HD Motion pictures. As of not long ago. The Sony SLT-A55 empowers you to shoot films with the additional steadiness you get holding the camera up to your face and utilizing the eye-level locater for outlining a scene and concentration.
921K Spot TruBlack LCD Screen
Sony's Xtra Fine LCD screen has 921K spots for great goal. The TruBlack screen incorporates a unique gum layer to smother inside reflections, expanding contrast contrasted with ordinary LCDs. Radiant Climate mode supports perceivability much further in splendid daylight.
Stage Discovery Auto Concentration
While Difference Recognition AF frequently chases after right concentration, Stage Location AF knows precisely where right center is, and goes straight for it. The Sony SLT-A55 is the world's most memorable customer camera to give Stage Location AF while catching HD films as well as during still picture catch, either utilizing the viewfinder or Live View on the LCD.
Clear Scene Mode
Catch extensive scenes naturally. Press the screen and clear upward or on a level plane. The camera wraps up, consistently shooting pictures and sewing them together. Up to 23 MP picture size.
Primary Sensor Speedy AF Live View
This the world's most memorable DSLR to consolidate the ideal focal point of Stage Location with excellent Live View pictures right from the fundamental sensor. This is made conceivable by Sony Clear Mirror Innovation. You get exact pictures and 100 percent outlining on the LCD screen or eye-level viewfinder.
ISO 12800 Responsiveness
Inconceivably clear low-light pictures without forfeiting point of interest, made conceivable by the low-clamor Exmor APS HD CMOS picture sensor and refined BIONZ picture processor.
Live View in LCD or EVF
You can utilize both the LCD screen and Electronic Viewfinder for creating shots. Both give a what-you-see-is-what-you-get see of white equilibrium, center, profundity of field, openness and 100 percent outlining precision, in addition to enlightening on-screen shows.
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