uses military jammers to attack US forces

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Posted by gpsblocker from the Technology category at 26 Mar 2023 06:01:40 am.
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You all probably know that jammers are widely used for civilian purposes. Do you know what these military signal jammers are for? During the Iraq War in 2003, the United States relied on space to support precision strikes on the ground. Iraq used signal jammers to interfere with American satellites. Iraq used a GPS jamming system said to be purchased from Russia to interfere with GPS-guided missiles launched by the United States, making some attacks A precision-guided missile at an important Iraqi military target went off course.

The ”killer mace” used the most by the U.S. military in the Iraq War is precision-guided weapons, and precision-guided weapons are inseparable from the reconnaissance and positioning functions of satellites. Almost all U.S. air strikes use precision-guided weapons assisted by GPS (Global Positioning System), enabling the U.S. military to attack Iraq at night and under sandstorm weather conditions. The U.S. and British allied forces launch thousands of precision-guided missiles every day, and many of them are aimed at Saddam’s hiding place, but they never hurt Saddam. The effect of the attack was doubted.

Some people accused Russian companies of selling Cell phone signal jamming device to Iraq. Bush specifically mentioned satellite signal jamming technology. Iraq used this weapon to interfere with US military satellites, affecting the precision strikes of the US military. US President Bush accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of selling weapons to Iraq through Russian companies, accused Iraq of refusing to use the weapons to attack coalition forces, and accused Bush of jamming satellite signals. Special mention. White House spokesman Ali Freischer said reports in Washington that a Russian company was supplying Iraq with GPS jammers were deeply concerning. However, Russia categorically refuses to provide such equipment.

However, the U.S. military claimed to have destroyed six GPS Tracker jammer of the Iraqi army during the operation on March 26. This kind of GPS jammer is only the size of a mobile phone and can be bought in the market for a few hundred dollars. A magic weapon for ”earth guns to overcome foreign guns” – it is said that it can interfere with GPS signals, so that Americans’ precision weapons ”snap crookedly”. After that, GPS-guided missiles began to show great power again.

But the fact is that a senior US official has disclosed that they believe that Iraq has purchased about 200 jamming devices against GPS, and these devices come from a Russian company that makes such cheap GPS jammers. In theory, this jammer can interfere with satellite signals within a radius of 200 kilometers. The signal sent by American navigation satellites to the GPS receiving antenna is very weak, and its strength is only about one billionth of the signal received by a typical TV antenna. The device, which is about the size of a cigarette pack, can confuse precision-guided bombs and missiles. The United States also believes that these jamming devices are made by Russia, but there is not enough evidence yet. Did Saddam really use the GPS jamming system to deal with US satellites and mislead precision-guided weapons.

Before the war, as the U.S. military department became more and more dependent on GPS, the United States was very afraid of the huge damage caused by the GPS jamming system to this system. Therefore, the U.S. Department of Defense, led by the Air Force, continues to take various measures to protect the integrity of wifi Bluetooth Jammer and strengthen their anti-jamming capabilities. These measures include: enhancing satellite signal strength and improving signal processing capabilities; using more complex GPS receivers on aircraft, ships, ground vehicles and weapons; developing new military codes and enhancing anti-jamming capabilities. Therefore, before the war began, American military experts warned that the GPS jammers of the Iraqis might disable the guided bombs of the US military. Douglas Loweiro, the person in charge of the GPS system program in the United States, thinks this is nonsense, and there is no instrument on the market that can effectively interfere with GPS signals.
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