Mobile signal jammer prevents mobile phone from detecting signal

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The mobile signal jammer tests the high-end of the low-end frequency band of the wireless channel at a certain rate during the operation.Some of the most advanced GPS tracking devices have the ability to detect GPS signal interference.Some drivers are authorized to use their work vehicles for personal use under certain circumstances.In other cases, drivers may take an hour off for lunch to run errands and eat while using company vehicles.In both cases and others, drivers use their work vehicles for personal use and may not want to be tracked.Many examples of drivers using GPS signal jammers are because they don't want to be tracked during these private times.
This feature helps prevent vehicle theft and can even be used to recover stolen commercial fleet vehicles.This test rate will lead to the intrusion of the audio data signal received by the mobile phone with bit error, resulting in the mobile phone being unable to detect the slave communication.How much signal jammers can block is not only related to its own signal strength, but also to the spacing between the communication base stations in the natural environment used.The tracker supports so-called cell positioning (also known as GSM positioning or cell phone positioning) as an alternative.
The field strength of the jammer and the type of jamming wave are important
However, in special cases, such as accidents, data can be manually extracted to assist investigations.In flight, co-targeting allows the weapon to use its advanced viewfinder to identify and pass on tactical details to other weapons so it can maneuver as needed.It is easy to understand that the frequency band released by the mobile phone signal jammer invades the frequency band of the mobile phone receiving communication base station.Jammers can operate on the same or adjacent frequencies, the field strength of the jammer and the type of jamming wave are important.
Always present GPS location corrupted by criminal energy to disable anti-theft protection
You can even create an exception rule to look for GPS signal errors and trigger email alerts in the event of interference.In this regard, there is always a residual risk that GPS positioning will be corrupted by criminal energy to disable anti-theft protection or use the vehicle for unintended purposes.For this purpose, electromagnetic waves are emitted that completely or partially superimpose the signals and waves of the disturbed transmitter, rendering them unusable.For example, in aviation or the military, special antennas are used that only receive signals from a certain direction.Enabling privacy mode on your GPS tracker prevents employees from using GPS-interfering devices to block their movements during off-hours.
8 Bands Jammer Device

  • Because GPS satellites orbiting more than 20,000 kilometers above the Earth's surface have relatively low transmit power.Providing a privacy mode reduces the risk of drivers using GPS jamming devices to protect their personal data from being leaked by employers.
  • While drivers may think using a GPS scrambler will make them invisible, doing so will actually draw more attention to their behavior.
  • When an employee uses a gps blocker, it shows up as a missed or interrupted trip on a live tracking map or trip history map.
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