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Posted by doris895923 from the Agriculture category at 25 Mar 2023 12:55:57 am.
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These practices, though sometimes opposed but have now become commonplace in the gaming industry in general. It is possible to argue that the popularity of loot box or other real-money transactions in AAA games have been a factor in this market that is a predatory one, but the more AAA gaming shifts to the games-as-service model, there is more in common with portable games which have been in this wildly popular field for almost a decade.

This isn't just apparent in the use of paid currency to obtain items as well as gacha mechanics as well as in the divulging of drop rates between rarer items. Gacha refers to playing with in-game currency, no matter if it's purchased for free or from an in-game shop to purchase something randomly or pieces of equipment for instance, in the case of Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia or characters from the ever popular (and persistent) Fate/Grand Order or Genshin Impact.

In the case of Diablo Immortal, they use Legendary Crests (which can be earned or purchased) to increase the chances of a 5-star gem appearing in endgame dungeons. Although not all that traditional in its way of presenting (most gachas involve "rolling" in a time-limited banner) the players are engaging with randomness that they are used to in other games in a similar way. In many ways it is the case that gamers are using the Diablo franchise was building towards these types of mechanics from its beginning, as Maddy Myers wrote a few weeks back.

Diablo Immortal also, in the simplest terms, takes directly from an "feeding" technique that a lot of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese mobile games have used for more than 10 years. "Feeding" involves raising the attributes, stats, or rarity of an item by getting a duplicate of a drop. These duplicates are then feed to an individual item with the same rarity to increase its overall stats. item. Typically, five copies are required to make the most of the character or item.

My first introduction to "feeding" was in Fate/Grand Order, which was initially launched by Japan in July of 2015. It earned a total of 4 billion dollars globally in 2019. In order to make a character as good as it can be, I needed to obtain copies of each.
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