with one of its biggest offenders Diablo Immortal

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Posted by Devon456 from the Agriculture category at 23 Mar 2023 12:46:41 am.
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Okay, this could actually be one the funniest gaming stories I've heard this year and also a great chef's kiss moment for the gacha/p2w market, with one of its biggest offenders Diablo Immortal.

Though it's been estimated that it could take upwards of $100,000 to full every character in Diablo Immortal with the possibility of gambling and leveling high rarity gems However, only a handful of players actually made the effort to spend that. It's not like everyone did, and, now, it appears that he has spent an enormous amount of effort to make his character as strong as it is possible to make, that the game's PvP matchmaking mechanism cannot find anyone to play him.

It happened to Jtisallbusiness who spent $100,000 to max his Barbarian as high as he could however, he ended up winning so many games, the game just...stopped matching him altogether due to his insane MMR and he has said that he'll be waiting for anywhere from 48 or 72 hours, waiting for an event to happen. He posted the below video in which he asks if he can consider requesting the money back on his $100K account , as this part of the game hasn't performed for him and effectively. It is currently averaging 1.5K likes and 15,000 dislikings, which indicates that it's not getting much of an audience that is sympathetic to his situation:

There's a chance that a solution to this is on the way in light of the fact that Blizzard has expressed concern about the fact that some players cannot find matches in Battleground PvP After a month, Jitsallbusiness declared that Blizzard finally got back to him about it. But what isn't clear is what happens if they start inviting him back into matches with such a good character and even if it's possible that he'll lose how much he's spent. Like some of the commenters did when the scenario was unfolding, this could be what happens when you "win" a pay-to-win game.
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June 2023
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