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Posted by liping4 from the Agriculture category at 23 Mar 2023 12:45:29 am.
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Lithium Battery Cell for sale CAS is a professional manufacturer offering research, development, production, and sales services of lithium ion battery cell, and battery packs. We design and manufacture custom-made batteries and cells for the specific needs. Customized lithium lifepo4 battery pack from 3.2V-96V, 10AH-600AH, which can be used in RV ,EV, Solar system, E-bike, UPS, energy storage system, telecommunication base station, E-scooter, E-tools, golf cart, fork lift,cleaning car , electric wheelchair, and other deep cycle application. Product Description ModelCY-3.2V 50Ah Standard Voltage3.2V Capacity50Ah or CUSTOMIZED Impedance鈮?.3m惟 Standard Charge Voltage3.65V Standard Charge Current0.5C Standard Disarge Current0.5C Peak Discharge Current1C Charge Temperature0-45掳C Discharge Temperature-20-55掳C Storage Temperature-10-35掳C Cycle Life锛?000 times WeightAbou1.8kg Dimension27*174*207mm Features 1.High Energy density 2.long cycle life: 4000 cycles and more 3.Ultra safe Lithium ion chemistry(no thermal run-away, no fire or explosion risks) 4.No memory effect, highly efficient, charge anytime 5. No lead, no heavy metal, no toxic element 6.Excellent temperature robustness(-20鈩?up to +55鈩?) 7.Support parallel and series 8.Constant power during discharge(very low internal resistance) 9.Energy efficiency>96% 10.Very low self discharge(<3% per month) 11.Passed ISO9001,CCS, IEC62619, MSDS, ROHS, UN38.3 and UL. Product picture Product Application Workshop Packaging & Shipping Why Choose Us FAQ 1). Are the batteries GRADE-A,Brand NEW? This item is REPT 3.2V 50Ah, the QR code is intact,Grade A,Brand new. 2).Are the batteries come with bus bars+bolts? The battery come with Bus bars and Bolts. 3).Can you test each battery PRIOR to shipping? We will test all the battery Voltage and Internal resistance before shipping. 4.)What kind of the package of the cells? They will come with well package,each cell into thickness PE foam or bag,then into 5 layers strong carton. 5).How can I do if I need more help for the order? You can chat our sales online or send inquiry email,we will respond you ASAPLithium Battery Cell for sale website:
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