Diablo 4’s New Showcase Changed All My Perspective

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Diablo 4 has been honestly in a state of dispute since the mere statement of it. Even being developed across Reddit, YouTube, Twitter and Twitch, most people are merely undecided about the game and how they view it at this point.

I think everyone deserves the right to be a skeptic after Blizzard’s crazy monetization across all their games the last few years. But I know everybody wants a great Diablo game.

Now, with Blizzard’s brand new video showcasing an inside look at the incredible world that is Sanctuary. We were literally left speechless and watched nearly a hundred times over. They made statements that every Diablo fan has wanted to hear at this point how they’re bringing Diablo 4 artistically back to a Diablo 2 art style making.
Art Direction
The game feel darker and more like a grim painting rather than a cartoony style that was Diablo 3 and Diablo Immortal. They have five massive zones that are vastly different in terms of style, from swamps to deserts and even snowy peaks. This is a world that looks more alive and crisp than ever, with not even loading screens between zones, just the beauty of exploration.
And travel in depth. They even spoke about how they’re reworking some of the main mob families in the game, like the beloved Fallen family. They make them feel more grim and scary rather than just a simple nuisance.

How creatures all throughout the game adapt to the environment? They’re in with some being like the Goatman, for example, being larger and more brute like in snowy regions. But then, in more desert-like regions, they are thinner and more tactical in combat. You will even see brand new creatures never seen before and zones yet to be discovered.

And on top of it, it having world bosses in each zone, like the giant skeleton ghost boss and our new mob, like the spider hosts where it’s a giant spider that attaches itself to a corpse and it actually puppets it at you and then when you actually kill the creature, it explodes spawning a bunch of gross baby spiders to attack you after as well.
In additions, they also discussed how there’s going to be loads of activities similar to previous Diablo games, like strongholds side quests and loads of dungeons.

Then more Diablo 4 based editions, like encountering, brand new rare creatures and world bosses, which is a brand new invasion event that vastly changes the entire area. It’s taking place in as well as the creatures in the area as well loads of things to do. So, you never feel you’re doing the same thing. Pacing is vastly different in all forms of content that you encounter.

They also announce that you can actually go under the Chapel to the same location in the announcement trailer Lilith was released in and experience it all for yourself as your character.
Now, I could imagine the significance of this location being so big that they would have a sort of in-game cinematic with your character actually being in it with our new cinematic system that they embedded in Diablo 4. It’s something so exciting that I can’t wait to experience.

And for those true explorers out there, you have micro and hidden events scattered all throughout Sanctuary that contain riddles to solve and puzzles to then allow you to summon hellish creatures to destroy and gain loot from and even more. You will also have the Altars of Lilith where, when you discover them, they actually give you a permanent boost to all your characters account wide, even the capital cities in each zone feel full of life and unique.

Last, I want to introduce the release date for the early access beta, which is going to be March 17th through 19th and the open Beta is going to be the week after that. By the way, IGGM.com will provide Diablo 4 Gold and related services after the release of Diablo IV.

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