Best Heartrune Gem Abilities in New World

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In New World, an open-world MMO game, players need to rely heavily on weapon masteries to succeed in PVP and PVE combat. To dominate in combat, players must use combos and abilities effectively. They have access to three abilities attached to each of their two weapons, giving them six abilities to choose from. In addition, New World has introduced Heartrune Gems that provide players with an extra Ultimate ability to enhance their gameplay experience.
Heartrune Gems offer various powers, such as debuffs, damage mitigation boosts, and AOE damage. These abilities can have a significant impact on a player's combat effectiveness. It is important to know which Heartrune Gems to prioritize in order to gain the upper hand in combat.
Fighting multiple enemies at once in New World puts players at a disadvantage, particularly if they don't have AOE attack options. This reduces their DPS, even with a good armor set. However, players can utilize the Detonate Heartrune Gem to unleash a useful AOE attack with precise timing.
Thanks to the Heartrune Gem in New World, players can enhance their combat abilities and dominate both PVP and PVE gameplay. The Detonate Heartrune Gem, in particular, provides an explosive boost to players' combat arsenal, allowing them to charge themselves with explosive energy and release 100-percent rune damage within a 5-meter radius. However, the charging time of this ability makes players vulnerable to interruptions and powerful attacks from opponents. Players can choose from several sub-types of the Detonate Heartrune Gem, each with its own perks, including the Accelerating Charge, Cunning Detonate, Stalwart Detonate, and Brutal Detonate.
Similarly, the Cannon Blast Heartrune Gem is a useful addition to players' combat toolkit, providing a long-ranged attack option. This skill summons an actual cannon that fires a shot dealing 100-percent rune damage and inflicting various effects depending on the sub-type used. While the cannon itself is a formidable asset, it is best used as an introductory attack rather than something to be used in a rotation. The Cannon Blast Heartrune Gem also comes with several sub-types, including Burning Blast, Cunning Cannon Blast, Stalwart Cannon Blast, and Brutal Cannon Blast, each with its own perks.
Stone Form is a valuable Heartgem in New World as it can cancel debuffs and provide temporary immunity to crowd control and stagger debuffs. This can be especially useful in tough battles where players need to quickly recover from debilitating effects. In addition to its base effects, Stone Form has several sub-types with unique perks to further enhance players' defenses:
Fortifying Form (Perk 1): This perk is present across all Stone Form sub-types and provides a 10-percent damage absorption buff while the Heartgem is active.
Greater Stone Form: With this sub-type, players gain access to the Hardened Form (Perk 2), which grants a 10-percent damage absorption buff every time they are hit, stackable up to 30-percent.
Stalwart Stone Form: When using this sub-type, players gain access to the Mending Form (Perk 2), which heals players for 75-percent of rune damage every second. However, this comes at a cost of a 20-percent reduction in outgoing damage.
Brutal Stone Form: This sub-type unlocks the Unstable Form (Perk 3), which causes the Stone Form to explode upon expiring or when players press the Heartgem key. This explosion deals 200-percent rune damage to all enemies within a 3-meter radius. However, this comes at a cost of a 2-second reduction in the duration of Stone Form.
Dark Ascent is a Heartgem that allows players to further enhance their damage output during combat. Upon activation, players gain a 10-percent increase in damage dealt for 5 seconds, allowing them to execute devastating combos and take down opponents quickly. However, it is important to note that Dark Ascent also increases the damage taken by players, leaving them vulnerable to incoming attacks.
In addition to its base effect, Dark Ascent also has different sub-types that offer unique benefits to players:
Frenzied Ascent (Perk 1): This ability is present in all versions of Dark Ascent and grants players a 10-percent increase in attack speed during the Heartgem's active duration.
Cunning Ascent: With this sub-type, players gain access to Shadow Ascent (Perk 2), which increases their critical strike chance by 10 percent but reduces their overall damage increase to 5 percent.
Stalwart Ascent: Using this sub-type gives players access to the Resolute Ascent (Perk 2) ability, which reduces the amount of damage taken while Dark Ascent is active by 10 percent.
Brutal Ascent: This sub-type gives players access to Rampaging Ascent (Perk 2), which increases the damage dealt by Dark Ascent to 15 percent but also increases the damage taken by players to 15 percent as well.
Bile Bomb sounds like a powerful tool for players who want to deal damage over time and debuff enemies. The different variants available provide players with a variety of options to suit their playstyle and goals in combat. However, players should be careful when using this ability, as it may also affect allies caught in the poison cloud.
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This perk is present across all Stone Form sub-types and provides a 10-percent damage absorption buff while the Heartgem is active.

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