Unlock all of the stores at the ACNH Harvey's Island Shopping Plaza

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Within Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the brand-new Harvey's Island Shopping Plaza provides players with the opportunity to open new stores named after their most cherished special characters. This guide will teach you how to construct shops, where to gain access to the shopping plaza, and who is eligible to rent out space in the plaza. If you want to experience the expanded shopping plaza of Harvey's Island, which was just recently added in the massive Version 2.0 Update that was released on November 3rd, you'll need to make sure that your copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been fully updated.

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How to Make Your Way to the Harvey's Island Shopping Center
In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Shopping Plaza is a newly expanded part of Harvey's Island that serves as a location where a variety of special characters can construct new permanent shops with your assistance. Then, rather than relying solely on the chance that certain characters, such as Saharah or Jolly Redd, will come to your island, you can take advantage of the services that they offer on a more regular basis.

Simply travel to Harvey's Island, speak with Orville at the airport counter on your home island, and choose the option to "Visit Harv's Island" to gain access to the brand-new Shopping Plaza! Once you have reached the island, simply walk up to the top right past the building that houses the Photopia studio.

If you haven't already unlocked Harvey's Island, you can do so by tracking down Harvey as he wanders around your island at random after completing enough of the game's opening tutorial to place your first three house plots. This will allow you to unlock Harvey's Island.

How to Gain Access to Additional Stores at Harvey's Shopping Center
The first time you go to the Shopping Plaza on Harvey's Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you'll be greeted by Harvey and his longtime friend Harriet, also known as Shampoodle! They'll be there to welcome you to the game. You can begin to slowly expand the plaza by adding new shops and characters, despite the fact that the campground will initially consist of very little more than a few tents.

Simply interacting with the various Lloid Gyroids that have been placed throughout the campground is all that is required to add new people to Harvey's Shopping Plaza. Simply have a conversation with a Gyroid, and they will tell you what kind of unique character's store can be built in their location, such as "a merchant offering mysterious rugs and wallpapers."

After selecting a Gyroid that provides information about a future shop or unique character that you are interested in, all that is required to finish building that shop is for you to make a contribution of Bells to its construction fund.

A donation of 100,000 Bells is required for each shop, which is surprisingly reasonable. It is possible that you will not even need to spend the full 100,000 Bells because sometimes your villagers will assist you by contributing their own personal funds, even if they are very modest amounts.

All Stores as well as Unique CharactersThe Harvey's Shopping Plaza, if you will.
In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, if you have enough bells and time, you can visit Harvey's Shopping Plaza, where you can meet eight unique special characters and shop at a variety of unique stores. You can get some assistance figuring out what each Gyroid will build by looking at the screenshots included in this guide below and comparing them to the configuration of your campground.

Saharah: Buy Rugs, Carpets, Wallpaper
Inside Harvey's Shopping Plaza is where you'll find Saharah's Caravan, where you can get new rugs, carpets, and wallpaper for your home! This will give you access to Saharah's wares on a permanent basis, rather than requiring you to wait for her to make a visit to your island.

Kicks: Shop for Footwear and Accessories
At Kicks' caravan, located within Harvey's Shopping Plaza, you can update your character's wardrobe by purchasing new footwear, socks, and other accessories. Instead of having to wait for Kicks to make a trip to your island, this will give you access to Kicks' wares on a permanent basis.

Purchase Sculptures and Paintings from Jolly Redd!
Visit Jolly Redd's caravan inside Harvey's Shopping Plaza to take a look at the latest sculptures and paintings added to the collection of your island's Museum of Art! Because of this, you will have unrestricted access to all of Redd's wares, which will allow you to potentially finish your collection sooner. It would appear that Jolly Redd does not offer the same variety of furniture for sale on Harvey's Island as he does on his Treasure Trawler when he is on your island.

Purchase some bushes, flowers, and vegetables, Leif.
At Leif's caravan, located within Harvey's Shopping Plaza, you can get fresh plants to cultivate on your island, such as bushes, flowers, and vegetables. This will grant you permanent access to Leif's landscaping goods, which will make it much simpler for you to construct projects on the island. Leif also offers a new weeding service, which, for the steep price of 100,000 Bells, will rid your island of any weeds that have taken root there. Every last one of the weeds that he pulls out will be placed in your recycling container.
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