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Posted by DonnaStella123 from the Agriculture category at 17 Mar 2023 05:26:37 am.
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The Seahawks and Broncos came in 16th place in Madden NFL 23 last season in pass block win rate at 61 percent, with Denver only marginally better in adjusted sack rates (21st vs. 25th). Joe Burrow showed that it's possible to get to the Super Bowl with a bad offensive line, but it's not a model that every team should follow. It's true that we know that Wilson is a pro at overcoming pressure, and he can manage a subpar line again -- but his chances of winning were slim in Seattle therefore, imagining how he could do it do it in Denver is a bit of a stretch.

Furthermore Denver's pass-rush is just awful. They were last on the Madden NFL 23 in the pass rush's win rate and 27th when it comes to stopping the running. The Broncos are masterful in playing the ball once it's on the ground, but stopping a play before it gets to the goal line isn't easy.

It is also important to consider coaches. Tom Brady joined Bruce Arians an established name and a player with Super Bowl experience. Matthew Stafford went to the Rams which are managed by Sean McVay, another guy with experience of making it in the Super Bowl. Nathanial Hackett is an unproven, untested first-year head coach. Even if we think Hackett is a top-of-the-line coach, there's likely to be a time for everything to work together.

It's kind similar to a diagonal play. I know Broncos supporters won't want hear it, but that's my view about the scenario. Both the Seahawks and Broncos were 7-10 teams in the previous season, and yes, Seattle was 7-10 with Wilson and the Broncos were without -- but let's just be sincere: Wilson and Teddy Bridgewater were really, really similar last season.

The haul that the Broncos are sending to Seattle is impressive to score seven touchdowns as well as one less interception. It is a matter of whether an extra 49 points will actually result in more wins for Denver?

In the raw numbers, assuming Wilson plays similarly to 2021 that the Broncos would have their scoring average between 19.7 up to 22.5. In defense, they only allowed 18.9 per game, which means this margin of error could be significanthowever, I'm having a difficulties being as bullish on the 2022 Broncos as I am on the 2021 Buccaneers or the 2021 Rams.

Everything is in the right place and Denver could end up being a major powerhouse. I'd hope to be wrong because changing the playoff picture can be a thrilling possibility to witness. As it stands I think that the trade will make Denver more competitive immediately but they're not the most popular -- and they really secured their future to help ensure it happens.

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