This is probably Ronaldo's last season in the top-tier ratings of FIFA

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Posted by Shaftesburyw from the Business category at 17 Mar 2023 01:14:00 am.
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Many players actually consider him even better and FIFA 23 Coins would easily give him a rating of 90, which is one of the highest scores in the game. The way he builds up his play along with his passing skills would ensure such a high ranking.

However, if you're searching for a good striker with some lengthy capabilities it's a good substitute for Mbappe.

A lot of FIFA players may not be conscious of how skilled this Korean star is especially when speaking of his shooting abilities.

Apart from his amazing acceleration and speed the passing and dribbling skills are just as good. In light of the fact the fact that he's left-handed, he can be an excellent teammate, as well as offer additional offensive capabilities.

His power might be a little better however, there's plenty of stamina to last for some time, so keep an eye on him.Ronaldo and Messi used to be some of the most athletic soccer players, but because Lionel Messi has a short stature, only Cristiano Ronaldo can be regarded as a decent long-distance player.

This is probably Ronaldo's last season in the top-tier ratings of FIFA, so buy him, if not for his still incredible stats, then for his legendary reputation.

If we're discussing real negatives, then the sole thing that Ronaldo is lacking in his game is his passing skills , which are in need of improvement.

Van Dijk is currently considered to be among the three best center backs of FIFA 23. Gaining such a massive reputation isn't easy but when you have such power, endurance, and overall defensive ability it's not a surprise.

Van Dijk might not be the fastest for the first few meters of running but once he's going nothing can hinder Van Dijk, making him an incredible player over long distances.

Players who had the chance to have him on their team's leagues will inform they are a necessity as a defensive player. Salah is an outstanding right winger with one of the most prolific scoring goals during the course of a single player's career.

Many FIFA 23 Coins for sale players think he's to be a far superior player than even Lionel Messi, and would place him one rating above on 91, considering his pace, shooting, and of course, dribbling.
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