contenders will need to make in the coming days with the assistance of Madden 23

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It would appear that after each and every Super Bowl, a losing team that was just as talented as the Eagles team this year talks about how they will try to rewind the clock and win the championship the following year instead. The Bengals, for example, had every expectation of making another trip to the Super Bowl this season before running into a Chiefs team that had just missed an opportunity the year before because of those very same Bengals. As a result of their matchup with the Chiefs, the Bengals' chances of making another trip to the Super Bowl were dashed. The unfortunate reality is that there are no guarantees, and despite the fact that a team may have the appearance of being a perennial contender, the window of opportunity to win a championship can close extremely quickly. Keeping the core of a roster together when players are getting older and past their prime or leaving for free agency as their value rises is not an easy task.

How then can the NFL teams that qualified for the playoffs during the most recent season ensure that they remain at the top during the 2023 campaign? Let's take a look at what looming important decisions these contenders will need to make in the coming days with the assistance of Madden 23 and the ability to start a franchise during Super Bowl week. This will involve taking into account such factors as each team's salary cap situation, contracts that are about to expire, and which free agents could potentially be added before the 2023 season begins.

<h0>The 2022 season for the Vikings was full of ups and downs, but they eventually emerged victorious in their division with an impressive 13-4 record, which may have inflated their value when it came time for the playoffs</h0>

  • They prevailed in a number of nail-biters, one of which was a come-from-behind victory of 33 points over the Colts, which demonstrated both their strengths and weaknesses

  • Their season came to a disheartening conclusion when they finally lost a close game to the Giants in the Wild Card round

  • The Giants were their final opponent

The Minnesota Vikings need to make some decisions regarding their defensive unit, and among the most important ones are Peterson and Tomlinson. Tomlinson is several years younger than Peterson, who is on the wrong side of 30 and is no longer the dependable shutdown corner he once was. Tomlinson is probably a better investment than Peterson.

The era of Kirk Cousins in Minnesota has been marked by both glorious highs (such as the miracle that Justin Jefferson performed against the Saints in the playoffs) and debilitating lows (such as the very next game that they played against the Eagles in the NFC Championship). The Vikings have the option of moving on from quarterback Kirk Cousins and using the salary cap savings to sign a free agent quarterback, which would put Cousins back on the quarterback carousel.

If the Eagles allow Gardner-Johnson to become a free agent, the Vikings, who are in need of someone to take command of the back end of the secondary, would be wise to make a run at him. Gardner-Johnson is 25 years old and plays for the Eagles.

Van Ness has the potential to be inserted into the defensive line rotation and contribute the kind of pass rush that was lacking last season, particularly in the playoffs against the Giants. If he falls as far as the Vikings do in the first round, this scenario is possible.

The Buccaneers were able to win the NFC South division title in 2022 despite having a losing record of 8-9 thanks to the fact that they played in the NFC South, which had a terrible year overall. Things finally came to a head for the offense, which had been looking completely out of sync at times, when they failed to perform well against the Cowboys in the Wild Card round and were eliminated. When Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback of all time, announced during the offseason that he was going to (probably) retire for good this time, a bigger storyline emerged during the offseason.

The Buccaneers would be wise to lock up the core of their defense, which consists of David and Dean, given that the quarterback position is likely to be a point of contention for them in the upcoming season. However, if the Buccaneers sign both of them, they won't have much of a choice but to look for their next quarterback in the draft. This presents a problem for the team.

Donovan Smith has one year left on his contract, so the Buccaneers could save some salary cap space by releasing him before the end of the season. In Madden 23, he has a rating of 73 on the overall value scale, which indicates that he is not really worth what the Bucs would be paying him in 2023. The Bucs could do better with that money elsewhere.

If the Buccaneers want to fill their need at quarterback through the free-agent route, they will likely need to lower their expectations and look beyond better candidates like Jimmy Garoppolo and Geno Smith. This will allow them to find the right quarterback for their team. A quarterback like Baker Mayfield or even Sam Darnold who is eager for a chance to prove himself as a starter and is willing to do so at a discounted rate should have his sights set on Tampa Bay.

After trading away Russell Wilson during the offseason, it was anticipated that the Seahawks would have something of a rebuilding year in 2022. Instead, they fought back behind a revitalized Geno Smith and finished with a record of 9-8, which was sufficient to earn them a Wild Card berth in the playoffs.
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