Elden Ring Player Kills Melina In Third Church of Marika

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Posted by cuipeng202 from the Environment category at 14 Mar 2023 06:54:04 am.
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One Elden Ring Runes gamer killed Melina, a crucial NPC, during an interaction on the Third Church of Marika. Elden Ring is FromSoftware's biggest release and possesses been making waves in the gaming community since its release in February 2022. The action RPG is known for its unique gameplay mechanics, but some fans adore the intriguing NPCs they encounter throughout their playthroughs. Some non-playable characters are merchants that sell valuable such things as weapons or sorceries, whereas others often provide details about Elden Ring's lore.
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One of the most extremely famous NPCs from Elden Ring is Melina, who provides a guide to players on their own journey from the Lands Between. She appears many times at Sites of Grace over the game's narrative, being a crucial ally who grants a chance to level up using runes. Moreover, some Sites of Grace possess a "Talk to Melina" option where players can talk to her to obtain insights into the lore of Elden Ring. One player used this option on the Third Church of Marika Site of Grace together with a shocking interaction with Melina.
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Reddit user Dahlberg shared a youtube video that shows them killing Melina from the Third Church of Marika from Elden Ring. They used Fire's Deadly Sin incantation before resting in the aforementioned Site of Grace. This incantation covers the caster plus the nearby surroundings in flames, causing injury to anyone who comes close. As a consequence, Dahlberg continued burning while resting on the Site of Grace, where they find the "Talk to Melina" option. Melina appears shortly after and is engulfed in flames caused because of the Fire's Deadly Sin incantation.
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As an outcome, Melina's HP declines rapidly, and she succumbs to her wounds and dies. Her death brings about a beautiful tree-like structure glowing with golden light. While it's unclear why Dahlberg made a decision to kill Melina, many were interested in learning the possible consequences of killing Melina in Elden Ring. The original poster clarified the overall game ignores her death, and Melina seems as she normally would've at different Sites of Grace and cutscenes in Elden Ring.
Overall, the playback quality of Dahlberg killing Melina inside the Third Church of Marika can be an example of the experimental nature of Elden Ring gamers. Besides Melina, Elden Ring players can kill many non-playable characters within the game. Most players kill isolated and nomadic merchant NPCs to have their Bell Bearing, which may be given to Twin Maiden Husks to reach new items easily.
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