How to make a minecraft bow and arrow

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How to make a bow and arrow in minecraft
Crafting a bow and arrow in Minecraft allows you to begin fighting with a ranged weapon. Bows are fun to fight with and relatively easy to craft. Later on, bows can be enchanted. Read on to figure out exactly how to craft a bow and arrow from raw materials.

How to make a minecraft bow and arrow

Minecraft for killing mobs. But bow and arrow can help you to stand in a challenging situation without hurting. With the help of a bow and arrow, you can defeat enemies without going near them. When you stand in the two blocks above the mobs, in that situation, you can clear all of them by the arrow without breaking the health bar. Furthermore, you can kill tiny and fast rabbits effortlessly. Therefore, you need to know the idea of making bow and arrow in Minecraft to kill mobs from a far distance.

What is required to craft a bow and arrow?

Crafting table
You will get all the raw material for making bow and arrows near your living area in the game.

Steps to craft bow and arrow in Minecraft
Firstly, cut some wood logs and make a crafting table by using four wood planks. After that, open your crafting table and make some sticks.
How to make a bow in Minecraft?
Crafting a bow requires ‘3 sticks’ and ‘3 strings’. So, to get strings, you need to kill spiders. If you don’t want to enter dark caves only for the strings then wait for nightfall- They will come out and kill them with your sword. ( Or, you can get strings by destroying spider webs with a sword)

Now, open your crafting table and place sticks and strings in a bow shape. (shown in picture)

How to make arrows in Minecraft?

To craft arrows requires flints, sticks,s, and features.

Step 1: Collect some feathers by killing chickens from your surrounding.
Step 2: Collect flint by breaking gravel blocks that lies under the ground.
Finally: Open your crafting table and place a flint, stick, andfeather in the column to make four arrows. (shown in picture)
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