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Yin Wuxie took the lead in objecting: "I'm afraid this is not appropriate.". Luo Shengtian is famous in the north by virtue of his armor-bending skills. He is not a peddler who buys and sells antiques and treasures. What kind of identification does he need? The content of the first competition of Haidianzhu is neither fish nor fowl. As soon as Hai Fei's eyebrows were raised, her cheeks reflected the moonlight, like translucent jade porcelain, reflecting a cold light: "Master Yin only knows one thing, but he doesn't know the other.". The reason why the top ten famous families become famous families is not only by virtue of exquisite armor bending, but also by virtue of literary talent, education, insight, vision and noble lineage. What qualifies a country bumpkin who can only fight to be included in a famous family? Mai Jing Hai Dian chooses a husband for Hai Ji. Of course, you have to choose someone who is excellent in all aspects. Yin Wuxie was at a loss for words. Hai Fei went on to say, "When various sects fight, they often use magic weapons. How can we deal with it without identifying the baby's eyesight?"? What's more, when you fly up, you also need a strong ability to appreciate treasures. How can it be neither fish nor fowl? He glanced at me and said, "Elder Lin was born in a humble family. He probably never saw any treasure in his life, so he didn't dare to fight." Haiji said angrily, "No matter how humble Lin Fei is, I like him just the same.". No matter how noble you are, you are just a pile of dirt in my eyes. I burst out laughing, turned my head and kissed Haiji on the cheek with a loud "tut": "Well said!" At the same time, he cast a swaggering look at Hai Fei. I have already understood her intention, such as the son of a famous family like Wuyan, who has a noble family background, and I can't compare with all kinds of qualities and profound personal details that I have received since childhood. Hai Fei uses the identification of treasures as the content of the competition, which is obviously beneficial to Wu Yan. Looking up at Hai Fei, I said proudly, "To tell you the truth, I don't need to pay any attention to your competition at all.". Because this is about me and He-hee. It has nothing to do with Mai Jing Hai Dian, nor with Luo Shengtian. In the hearts of Haiji and me, she has long been my wife. Hai Ji smiled like a flower, and Hai Fei kept sneering. When the top ten masters heard my words, their expressions were a little unnatural. Qu yuan took a deep look at me and said, "Elder Lin probably doesn't know the rules of Luo Shengtian's famous family.". Born into one of the top ten families, personal love is not just a personal matter. The rules of a famous family? Eyes slowly swept around, I sneer in my heart. The so-called rules, but at the expense of their own, for the benefit of the whole school. However. Who has the right to ask others to make sacrifices? I love Haiji, and she loves me, and love doesn't require any rules. Today I stand here, Lin Fei promised to fight with no face, in order to let all people see clearly, Haiji's choice is not wrong! Her husband can accept any challenge with dignity! I shouted. Haiji was moved to tears. Concubine Hai said coldly, "Elder Lin speaks more beautifully than he sings. No wonder some people are fascinated.". Since you are so heroic, let's start the first competition. The crowd retreated one after another, beam impact tubes ,cold drawn tubes, and dozens of disciples of the Great Light Realm flew out, holding gourds in their hands and aiming at the bright moon in the sky. Moments later. From the mouth of the gourd, the clear and frosty moonlight flowed everywhere. Reflect the field as bright as day. Hai Fei clapped her hands, and the Valkyrie behind her held out an antique wooden box of aloes. Opening the lid of the box, there was a strange black plant inside. There are only two round leaves, and there is a scaly cone on the slender ground, which is shaped like a hammer. Wait a minute Suddenly I asked, "Does Lord Hai want us to identify this plant?" "Not bad.". Whoever can tell its name, origin and use will win. Why does Elder Lin want to go back on his word? "The Lord of the Sea Palace should not measure the belly of a gentleman with the heart of a woman.". I, Lin Fei, come to be a gentleman. But it's a little unfair to identify only one treasure. It is better to ask all the famous families to take out a treasure and let me and Wuyan identify it. Whoever identifies more things is the winner. I am not a fool, if the sea princess and no face collude, the latter has long known this plant, I am not in vain pit? Yin Wuxie immediately agreed, and Qomolangma nodded: "So good.". It is only fair that the Lord of the Sea Palace sets the questions and we are responsible for providing the treasures. Except for the weapon armor, the imperial faction is poor and blank. There is no treasure to take out for identification, so I have to withdraw voluntarily. The other leaders have no objection. The sea imperial concubine also did not make things too difficult, after a little hesitation, readily agreed, and said: "These five competitions, two can use the treasure, as an arm to help." I almost want to laugh out loud, the sea imperial concubine is no doubt that no Yan family is prominent, there are many magic weapons on the body, so deliberately added such a. Who knows Lao Tzu just became an upstart a few days ago, and almost took all the fine works in the Nine Doubts Cave with him. Compare with me, baby? It's like Lu Ban playing with a big axe in front of the door-overreaching himself! The identification begins with the plant of the meridian Haidiandi. I have no face to pretend to be graceful. Please speak first. It's up to you, Moon Soul! With the help of these two old and immortal guys, I am confident. Defiantly, he raised his chin and deliberately clung to Haiji, rubbing and rubbing against her curvy body. Rub until you have no face and have to turn your face away. (Txt novel Paradise Online Library; http://www.xiaoshuotxt.com/) Hey Hey, to attack an opponent, you have to start from the heart. In front of the plant, I reached out to touch it, smelled it, nodded in a serious way, and pretended to think. "You two are well-informed. Hurry up and recognize each other," he said. "It's the verbal-worded grass of Lingbaotian, and I know it when it turns into ashes." "It can recognize the truth and falsehood," he said disdainfully. "It's a psychic treasure." My heart is overjoyed, meet the eye of Shanghai imperial concubine, strut ground cries: "Please, ask you to take out the treasure that has technical content to examine me?"? It's just an ordinary truth-telling grass, and I can recognize it when it turns into ashes. Concubine Hai's complexion changed slightly, and I proudly repeated her words: "Truth grass sprouts in a hundred thousand years, grows leaves in a hundred thousand years, and produces grass seeds in a thousand years.". Look, everyone,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, this is its grass seed. Dialed the round earth fruit and said, "Although it is inconspicuous, it is a psychic treasure that can identify lies." 。 cbiesautomotive.com
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