99 Positions to Get Rid of Male Gods [System Quick Wear]

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The young master looked generous and magnanimous outside, more or less with the wild and uninhibited temperament of the real man of the Golden Sword. However, in front of Qing Qing, it seems that there are always endless words. I don't know if it's because Qing Qing doesn't like to talk. That's why the young master talked a lot in front of her. However, the more he talked, the more quiet Qing Qing was. Many times, the young master even found that he said a lot of words, and then suddenly can not go on. Qing Qing just looked at him with those confused eyes. I didn't seem to understand what he was saying. The young master became more and more outstanding, and he became the most outstanding young talent in Tianshui Gate. He not only has outstanding appearance and backing, but also has an unlimited future. The young and beautiful nuns of Tianshui Gate liked to stare at the handsome face of the young master more and more. Whether it is because of a good opportunity, Wan Hongyi, who is in the limelight in the big competition inside the door, or Kang Shuyu, the granddaughter of Elder Kang, or Shi Ruoyu, the only daughter of Master, all have a good impression on the young master. The teachers of these female disciples also appreciated Long Aotian very much, and they all had the intention of marrying Jin Jian Zhenren. Unfortunately, the young master himself turned a blind eye to the kindness of these girls. The young master even brought out his ancestors to talk to them. Now he only wants to practice,side impact door beams, and he doesn't want to be disturbed by unnecessary mundane things. Ancestor listened to his words, not only not angry, but very pleased that the young master is like him in the end. At the beginning, our ancestors abandoned their wives and entered the realm of cultivation in order to cultivate immortals. In his opinion, if you want to achieve great things, you must concentrate. Those mundane things only disturb people's minds. In this regard, some people say that the young master is still young and not yet enlightened. Silly boy doesn't understand the benefits of double cultivation. Slowly,side impact beams, some people found that the young master seemed to be particularly good to Qing Qing, the outside handyman. But the young master waved his hand and said with a smile, "Qing Qing is not a servant to me, but a sister.". She has saved my life several times. She is my most important family in my life. Everyone saw that the young master really treated Qingqing as a family member. It seems that he has made up his mind that he will not find a lover in a short time. Some nuns are also very sensible to put down first, ready to wait for a few years when the young master has that meaning. However, some nuns had a devious idea. Prepare to win the young master's favor through the "sister" of Qing Qing. Soon, Qing Qing found that more and more nuns were talking to her. Then, inexplicably, an inner female disciple wanted to make friends with her. In the past two years, the only liveliness of Qing Qing has disappeared. She is more and more like an ordinary outside disciple, silent, wooden, and likes to hide in the Lingcao plantation. In the face of those inner female disciples, Precision Welded pipes ,beam impact tubes, Qing Qing is also dull, the reaction seems to be a lot slower. Most of the time, when the girls finished speaking, she looked at a loss. Don't mention it. She doesn't understand the girls' hints at all. The female disciples who wanted to use her despaired of Qing Qing's dullness. Unexpectedly there is such an unenlightened fool, no wonder Qing Qing can only do odd jobs outside the door? But on the other hand, seeing Qing Qing's silly appearance, the female disciples were relieved. Because they all believe that Brother Long's vision must not be so bad. He won't like a stupid girl like Qing Qing. The young master lost his temper because the girls went to trouble his "sister". He even said publicly that he did not want anyone to disturb his sister's quiet. Soon, Qing Qing's side quieted down. The young master gazed at Qing Qing with a helpless look in his eyes and once again told her that he would find a way to find the elixir. You mustn't think too much because of those women. They chatter more annoyingly than sparrows! Over the years, the young master has actually found a lot of rare treasures for Qing Qing. However, the spirit grass to remove the miscellaneous spirit roots is so rare that it has not been found so far. In the realm of cultivation, it is basically the spiritual root that decides fate. Si Ling Gen is doomed to have no bright future. No matter how the young master comforted Qing Qing, it was in vain. Perhaps, in a few decades, when Qing Qing is old, the young master's last affection for her will disappear. When the time comes, he probably won't think about helping her find Lingcao any more. He would probably stop gazing at her with a look of implicit eagerness. In many cases, time is like a butcher's knife, constantly cutting the feelings between people. People can share weal and woe, but they may not be able to stay together.  He is Anti-Heaven Sword Xiu 09. Qing Qing has been sleeping, repeating the fragments of those dreams. When she woke up, she was more and more awake, but more and more confused. Young master is a dragon, waiting to soar into the sky; she is a fish in deep water, destined never to rise to the surface. In Qing Qing's dreams, he stayed by her side almost every life, in various forms and ways. However, this life, it seems unnecessary? She has become a burden. She was a servant girl from the beginning, and now she can't even be his attendant. She didn't have to follow him, waiting for something. Maybe it would be better if she left. He'll be free to do what he's always wanted to do. Then she can find something to do that suits her. When exactly are we leaving? Will not really wait until I am old, right? In that case, how can I have the strength to travel? Qing Qing complained feebly to the puppy. She is in her twenties. The young master is still a teenager. There was no time in the mountains, and soon she would be his aunt. Ah, Qing Qing, this God will naturally have an arrangement! Anyway, we should go when the time comes. It's not time yet. The son of a dog looked at Qing Qing with a sad face. Qing Qing's mood it is to understand, there is a contrast contrast, Qing Qing grow up and grow old, young master forever young. Even a girl can't stand this kind of thing. Up to now, the young master still likes to come to chat with Qing Qing, or like to give her things. At the same time, after the foundation period,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, the young master is keen on all kinds of exploration, like to find all kinds of secret places, trials. He has encountered many opportunities that ordinary people can't imagine. It's just that he never found the one he wanted most. cbiesautomotive.com
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