Doomsday Paradise

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Posted by JessicaStokes from the Agriculture category at 10 Mar 2023 07:00:46 am.
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"Yes, yes, but that would be ineffective-when someone touches you, there is no protection, and you can't destroy the other person even if you touch him." Hearing such an answer, No.46 hesitated for a moment, not knowing what he was thinking. It took only a few minutes for him to recover from the death of the visa officer, and his face calmed down again. When he got the answer, he looked around. "Is there anything else you want to ask?"? It's better to find a loophole in the rules. Several people around him frowned, and no one spoke for a moment. No matter what happened before, all four of them became grasshoppers tied to the same line. Even No.45, a fallen species, hid in the crevices of several giant green leaves to avoid the first four groups of people who did not know where they were hiding. Fortunately, there was no need to ask Harry loudly, just call "Harry" before asking, and there was no need to worry about being heard. Good, since there is nothing to ask,ibc spill containment pallet, "46's eyes swept a circle, focusing on Lin Sanjiu body stopped," then I will say a few words. " "I think we all agree that we must work together in these ten days-no matter what you think in your heart, we are all members of the same group in the greenhouse, and our interests are common." Number 46 said seriously, ".." In the question just now, I found a noteworthy point. "What is it?" "Since an armed attack is ineffective,plastic pallet suppliers, that is to say, when you find a man with purple flowers on his back who intends to destroy you, just do it," said No.46, putting his right hand into his arms. Maybe they will try to pull your arm, but if they pull a little harder, it will be judged as a physical attack. I can't pull it out. If we don't touch our right hand, we'll be all right. "But it also shows that it's a little difficult to eliminate the members of other groups." That's why those people came to shake our branches and put on a play just now. At this point, No.46's face was a little ugly: "I hope everyone can look for purple flowers separately.". Find as many as you can and come back in the morning-rest assured, even if you are alone, as long as you pay attention to your right hand, there will be no danger. In the process. We should also pay attention to collecting information about other groups, plastic pallet price ,secondary containment pallet, such as how many people there are, where they met, and so on. As for No.47, your physical strength is the worst now, so rest here first, and then start after you recover. Is there any problem? Seeing that no one had any objection, No.46 was the first to stand up. All right, let's remember the assembly time ― let's go. …… Relative to the area of the greenhouse, even if there is a whole night to find flowers. It seems that it is only a drop in the bucket. Lin Sanjiu's movements were already very fast and light, but after four hours of climbing up the layers of green leaves and branches, she had not even met a member of another group, let alone purple flowers. Looking up at the increasingly sparse green plants over the greenhouse, Lin Sanjiu frowned. Perhaps her intuition was working again; although there was no actual evidence at the moment, she always felt as if she was looking in the wrong direction-no, it should be said that the act of "looking" itself seemed to be a bit of a problem. (Www. QiuShu. CC Book Seeking Novel Network) Her movements were not slow at all; in those four hours she had covered an area of feet. It's at least half the size of a city. It is unreasonable to walk such a large area without seeing or listening to a single sound. Since even the last group knew to split up and go looking for flowers, there was no reason for the other group members to sit still; but if they were also looking for purple flowers everywhere. Then why didn't Lin Sanjiu see anyone? "It's not all just bypassing me." With a grunt, Lin Sanjiu turned his head and set off in the direction of the "other shoe". The inside of the greenhouse was divided into two "shoe" shaped parts, which were connected by a bridge filled with mud, and the height was probably just a little above the shoelace gate; however, no matter how he looked down, Lin Sanjiu never found out where the ground of the greenhouse was. The dimmer the light from the greenhouse ceiling, the more it looks like a bottomless abyss. Harry didn't say what would happen if she fell, and Lin Sanjiu certainly didn't want to try. She stood behind a branch and waited cautiously for more than ten minutes. After finally making sure that there was no one nearby, she walked carefully towards the bridge. She was afraid that someone would tamper with the bridge, so she tried every step with her toes; but the short bridge soon ended, and nothing happened. Lin Sanjiu turned around and his eyes swept over the layers of green plants around him. In the silence, she could only hear her own light and slow breathing-for a while, the greenhouse was so dull that there was not even a trace of wind, so quiet that people wondered if the growth period had already ended, and she was the last person left in the greenhouse. Stepping on the edge of a huge flowerpot, Lin Sanjiu quietly walked around a flower seedling that seemed to have just sprouted for a short time. As soon as she turned behind the seedling, she looked up and was stunned. I didn't expect to find a purple flower for so long, but now she found two. The two flowers, larger than a human head, are now close together-Lin Sanjiu doesn't know much about plants, and he doesn't know if they are the "two flowers" that he often hears about. Their rich layers of petals seem to have been smudged with purple, and they are crowded together one by one. Obviously, they should be very beautiful, but they look enough to make trypophobia attack. From the dense petals, there are two stamens like beetle tentacles,collapsible bulk containers, shining in the light of the greenhouse-Lin Sanjiu is the first time to see such a thing: both beautiful and disgusting. This Is it a trap? She murmured in a low voice, and instead of going forward, she took two steps back.
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