Doubts on the golf course

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Posted by JessicaStokes from the Agriculture category at 10 Mar 2023 07:00:27 am.
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"Monsieur Ayut, I swear I did not kill my father." But the prosecutor's momentary hesitation disappeared, and he gave a short laugh that sounded unpleasant. No doubt, no doubt, our prisoners are always innocent. Through your own mouth, you have been condemned. You have no defense, no evidence, but you have put forward the words that even a baby can not deceive: you are not guilty. You murdered your father, Reno, a brutal, despicable murder,plastic pallet manufacturer, over the money you thought you'd get when he was gone. Your mother was complicit in the aftermath. No doubt, since she is a mother, the court may consider leniency to her, but it does not apply to you,ibc spill pallet, and it should! What you did was a terrible crime. It is not allowed by heaven and earth! Much to Ayut's annoyance, he was interrupted and the door was pushed open. "Mr. Judge, Mr. Judge," stammered the bailiff, "there was a young lady who said.." She said.. "Who said what?" Cried the inquisitor, who had reason to be angry. "This is outrageous. I won't allow.. I will never allow it. But a slim figure pushed the staid bailiff aside, and she entered the court, dressed all in black, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic pallet suppliers, with a long veil over her face. My heart gave a sickening beat. She's here after all! All my efforts have been in vain. 。 Yet I have to admire her courage: she took such a decisive step. She lifted the curtain-I was breathing heavily. Because, although two people look exactly the same, this girl is not Cinderella! On the other hand When she got rid of the light wig she wore on stage, I recognized her as Jack at a glance? The girl from the photo that was found in Reno's room. 。“ "Are you Mr. Ayut, the prosecutor?" She asked. Yes, but I won't allow.. My name is Bella? Duveen 。 I turn myself in to you for the murder of Mr. Reynolds. Golf Course Doubts 26 ? Novel /tXt | Heaven My friend: You'll understand everything when you get this letter. No matter what I say, it doesn't move Bella. She's turned herself in. I can't argue with her any more. You know now that I lied to you before. I have responded to your trust in me with a series of lies. It may seem indisputable to you, but before I disappear from your life, I want to tell you what's going on. Life would be easier for me if I knew I could get your forgiveness. I didn't do it for myself-that's the only thing I can put forward in my defense. Let me tell you about the day I met you on the train from Paris to make it easier for passengers to connect with the ship on time. I was upset about Bella at the time, and she was upset about Jack? Renault is simply desperate. She was even willing to lie down on the ground and let him step over her. When he began to change his mind and did not write to her often, her mood was not right. She guessed that he was in love with some other girl, and, as it turned out later, she was right. She made up her mind to visit Jack at Melanville's villa. She knew I disapproved and managed to slip away when I wasn't on her guard. When I found out in Calais that she was not on the train, I made up my mind not to go back to England until I found her. I had an uneasy feeling that if I didn't stop it, there would be trouble. I'm waiting for a train from Paris. She was in the car and insisted on going to Melanville at once. I argued with her desperately, but it didn't work. She was so nervous that she had to do what she wanted. I'll let it go. I have done my best. It was getting late. I went to find a hotel. Bella set off for Melanville. I can never shake off the feeling of "imminent disaster"-according to some books. The next day, Bella didn't come. She had an appointment with me to meet at the hotel, but she didn't keep it. I felt more and more anxious when I didn't see her all day. Then the news appeared in the evening paper. Terrible! Of course I'm not sure, but I'm terribly afraid. I suppose Bella met old Renaud and told him about herself and Jack, and the old man said something insulting or something. Both of us sisters are hot-tempered. Then came the scene of two masked foreigners, and I began to feel more relaxed. But Bella's no-show still worries me. The next morning, I was so restless that I had to come out to have a look. I met you at the beginning. You know what will happen in the future. When I saw the dead man, who looked so much like Jack and was wearing Jack's fancy coat, I understood! And the paper knife that Jack gave her. That evil little thing. Eight out of ten people have her fingerprints on them. I can't explain to you my fear and helplessness at that time. Only one thing was clear-I had to get the dagger and get away with it before anyone could find it. I pretended to be unconscious and hid the dagger in my clothes when you went to fetch water. I told you I was staying at the Lighthouse Hotel, but actually I went straight back to Calais and caught the first ferry boat back to England. In the middle of the channel, I threw the dangerous head into the sea. Then I felt relieved. Bella is at our apartment in London. She pretends to be okay. I told her what I had done and told her not to worry for the time being. She glared at me and started laughing. Laugh.. Laugh,plastic pallet crates, listen to her laugh is really terrible! I feel I'd better get busy doing something. 。 If she had time to think about what she had done, she would go mad. As it happens, someone hired us immediately.
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