Through the Uchiha Izuna

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"No, the crow has the same eyes as Sasuke's brother." Naruto pulled Zilai and tried to draw his attention to his discovery. What Zilai also saw that it was indeed the writing wheel eye of the Uchiha family, so that the crow was the crow doppelganger of the weasel. After making sure that Zilai had found the crow, the crow flapped its wings and flew to the periphery of the village. "Do you want us to follow it?" Naruto asked. Naruto, you go to tell Tsunade this first, I go to see the situation first, I will leave a sign along the way. "Then Zilai also used Ninjutsu to chase the direction of the crow flying away.". &#&#&#&#&#&# When Tsunade heard Naruto's report and arrived at the scene, he did not see what she expected, but a group of people gathered together in harmony, and did not fight, "What's going on?" "Ah, it's Sasuke. You're back at last!" Naruto shouted when he saw Sasuke. No, I just came back for something. Didn't I tell you? I'm not Konoha's ninja anymore. "Ignore Naruto's sad expression and Sasuke turns around." You came, "Zilai also pointed to Tsunade over there," who told you to casually agree to other people's conditions ah, now come to the door, how to do? " Itachi saw Tsunade coming and walked up to her. "We came this time purely to fulfill our agreement. Don't worry. Since we promised, we won't do anything to Konoha. So now we choose to meet you in the way that crows bring you here." So they didn't even bring the ghost and the pocket. I know. Come on, who are you treating? Tsunade asked briskly. It's him,plastic pallet bins, "Itachi said, pointing to Izuna, who was in Madara's arms." He's the one we want to save. ". Tsunade walked over? It was fine a few days ago, but now there is only one mouthful left. You put him flat and let him lie on the ground. After the spot was done, Tsunade began to carry out the treatment. It was a long time before Tsunade signaled that the treatment was complete, and I woke up surrounded by a comfortable chakra. "Itachi.." "What?" Asked Madara. I struggled to get up from the ground, feeling much more relaxed. I faced Tsunade and said,plastic pallet containers, "Please help Itachi heal one body.". Sasuke doesn't know why. "Brother, are you hurt?" Tsunade looked at Itachi, "Come on, I promise to never break my promise." After some examination, Tsunade said, "Your illness is the same as his, but not as heavy as his." He said he helped Itachi treat it. "Although I can remove the physical damage now, I can't restore your vision, because it's not a general decline in vision, but the loss of pupil power. As for the reason, you know it yourself. If you still use that power in the future, I can't help it. You should take care of yourself. After Tsunade left, my heart was temporarily put down, drum spill pallet ,collapsible pallet bin, and now I can use Ninjutsu without scruple except that I don't have to write round eyes, and my body has become much more relaxed, but. "Why don't you tell me about your illness?" "Why don't you tell me about your illness?" I heard two identical shouts. It was Sasuke and Madara. "Why didn't you tell me about your illness? Did you know that you almost died? Did you know that I thought I missed you again?" He hugged me. Brother, I'm sorry, I just don't want you to worry, I swear I will never hide from you. "I leaned on Madara's shoulder, feeling his body temperature, and heard Sasuke complaining loudly that Itachi was perfunctory again. I thought if only time would stop at this moment.. Chapter 33 homeward journey.. Chapter 33 After leaving Konoha Village, we met them at the appointed place not far from Konoha. As soon as we saw my pocket, we came over and asked, "How is it going?" Then he had another physical examination for me. In the final analysis, Dou still has the responsibility of being a medical ninja. It's so awesome that she deserves to be known as Princess Tsunade of the Five Great Powers, "Dou exclaimed." The damage in her body has been basically repaired. It's hard to imagine how she did it. ". "Yes, I also feel that the feeling of the body is much better than before," echoed the pocket, Tsunade is indeed a rare medical genius. Now that the matter here is over, Quan Nai, can you go back with your brother? We still have important things to do, "Madara suggested after hearing my words.". I knew what he meant. Madara had said that he would take me to Yuyin Village to transplant my eyes to stop water. "I know, brother, I'll go back with you." It's very painful to see the spots in my eyes that I can't see. It's good to cure my eyes earlier. I haven't really seen the world yet. Because of Madara's orders, Itachi and Onikiri's mission to capture the Nine Tails was put on hold for the time being, and Onikiri also successfully found the ring of "Kongchen" in the secret room of Orochimaru when they were in Orochimaru Village. It was also time to report back to Yuyin Village, so Itachi decided to go back with us. When I think of Orochimaru, I have a question. "Brother, after you killed Orochimaru, what happened to the other people in the village?" I fainted at that time, and I didn't know what happened after Orohimaru died. " Not so much, "said Madara carelessly," I'm not interested in killing those children yet, they are still very tender, no Orochimaru will not become a big climate, and the successor of the most powerful corpse vein will not live for a few days, there is no need to waste time to kill them. "In fact, Madara knocked them unconscious before attacking Orochimaru. After the death of Orochimaru, Madara was in a mess because of the sudden onset of Izumi Nai, so he didn't pay any attention to what happened to those people. Now he heard Izumi Nai mention Madara before he remembered it. Didn't kill them, I secretly breathed a sigh of relief, those children are also poor people, without Orochimaru they can live more freely, especially Kimimaro, I don't know what kind of reaction he will have after he knows that the God Orochimaru in his heart is dead, he is different from Bai,plastic pallet crates, Bai at least got the true heart of no more beheading, but Orohimaru just used him as a tool. In any case, I hope he can live well in his last life according to his own wishes.
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