Love during the Revolution

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Posted by JessicaStokes from the Agriculture category at 10 Mar 2023 06:59:42 am.
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So the dog owner turned around and ran away, throwing away all the flashlights and sticks. There is also a story that nothing is learned in the study class, only learning to watch melons. The foreman's policeman said, "Look at Zhang San!"! All the people rushed over together and looked at Zhang San. If you say look at Li Si, look at Li Si. The so-called watching melon is to pull down the pants of the person being watched and tuck his head into his crotch. If you think that the people's police will not be so boring, the storyteller will say that the good police station is still on duty, and all the policemen who go there are those who are on duty. When I think of it, I am very afraid. If I go to the study class and someone sees the melon, it must be a storm in a teacup to commit suicide immediately. If you don't commit suicide, is it okay to be seen? For me, the only way out is not to go to the study class. But whether I go to the study class or not, it's up to X Haiying. I have something to add about my paranoia. Later, the Sea Eagle always said something strange to me, for example, "I don't have a cut on my belly!"! Or: You mean I have a cut on my belly? Even: Do you see if there is a cut on my belly? Every time he finished, he laughed and kicked forward for a while, whether there was a desk in front of him or not. After listening to such thoughtless words,38 needle valve, the heart will inevitably be suspicious for a while. But I never dared to take over, just hoping in my heart that she didn't mean that. I can't believe Yoba was able to tell her that dirty joke. 5 When I grew up, I was confused by these things when I was a child. I was able to climb a wall with indomitable determination and make all kinds of strange inventions, but I was not alert to the things around me, and I was almost sent to the place where I saw melons. It is a mystery whether this means that I am particularly smart or that I am particularly stupid. With regard to my receiving "help and education", I must add that it was during the revolutionary period. The meaning of revolution is that some people will become victims for no reason,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, just like the Queen Mother pouring a toilet from the sky, who may not know who will fall on it, or like the lottery, who may not know who will win. On this point, we can stand it completely. Both those who have sacrificed and those who have not sacrificed can bear it. It was like this during the revolution. During the revolutionary period, I wouldn't give up my seat on the bus to an old lady. I'm afraid she's a landlady. And you don't dare to offend a three-year-old child. I'm afraid he'll tell on you somewhere. During the revolutionary period, I had a very rich imagination. I always thought of Lao Lu's head as a urinal and peed into it. Of course, this is too far from the topic. Apart from the fact that I was born to look like a bad guy, after all, I also committed the crime of beating the felt, so it was not unfair to be helped and educated. Although Lao Lu still insists that I painted her (this is a double injustice-first, the painting is not painted by me but by Wotou; second, stainless steel tube fitting ,needle valve manufacturer, the painting of Wotou is not her. The people who saw the painting in our factory all said, "Does Lao Lu look like this?"? She's so beautiful! Count up only that Mao Zha Zha is her), and still have X sea eagle to save me. Sometimes I am very grateful to X Haiying and say to her: "Thank you!"! It should have been called the League branch secretary, but in order to flatter, I took the League word away. She smiled and said, "Thank you for what!"! A policy that does not give a way out is not a proletarian policy! " People's judges often say this when they sentence a criminal to death with a two-year reprieve. Although I couldn't help breaking out in a cold sweat and wondering who she was with, I didn't think there was anything to complain about: after all, she was a League secretary, and I was a backward youth, and the distance between us was closer than that between a judge and a condemned prisoner, but it was of the same nature. I have said so much because I want to make it clear that the incident in the tofu factory in those years was caused by the painting of a nude in the steamed bread, and then someone put hair on it, and then Lao Lu tried to bite me, and then I made a blanket, but the final result was that I fell into the hands of X Haiying. And that's what she did when she made fun of me. I was caught out of breath by Lao Lu, or scared out of my wits by X Haiying, so I went to Yoba to talk. Because I like the felt, the felt naturally has the obligation to listen to my nagging. Yan Ba listened to these words, for me to say to X Haiying, let her help me find a way, also went to his classmates in the company, let them help Wang Er. In fact, Yoba has been tired of my affairs for a long time, but he has to take care of it. It's because he knows I like him. X Haiying didn't talk to her if she had anything to say to me. She was tired of talking to Yoba. She also hated that Yoba didn't speak to the point, and the wheels talked back and forth. But she had to listen with a smile, because she knew that Yoba liked her. The Sea Eagles also like me, so they often threaten me. But I don't know anything. I'm just scared to death. ww w . xia oshu m Chapter III (I) Small. Say 。 t! Xt-Heaven Chapter III (I) At the end of winter, I told the Sea Eagle this story: In the midsummer of 1966, when the Cultural Revolution had just begun. When I was walking around the campus, I saw my father being paraded through the streets by a group of college students. He is probably a reactionary academic authority. He wore an old Chinese tunic suit and a tall papier-mache hat on his head, which you could tell at a glance was made from a small paper basket. He held a stick in his hand and knocked on an iron dustpan. At that time, there was a group of people parading through the streets, and he was neither the first nor the last one. The time was about three o'clock in the afternoon, and the weather was covered by thin clouds. Anyway, when I saw him, I smiled at him. When I got home, he beat me up, and the boxers didn't hit the bag so hard. Although I explained again and again that it was not a bad thing for me to laugh,brass tube fitting, it didn't matter. At that time, I was so angry that I gnashed my teeth and vowed to hate him for the rest of my life. But after a moment of calm thinking, he revoked the oath.
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