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Wu Mei smiled a few words and left. "Miss Etiquette:" Two, what do you need for lunch? Wu Hua nodded and took the menu from the NPC lady next to him. Without looking at it, he said, "Cuihua, serve pickled cabbage!" With a crash, there was a collapse of tables and chairs in the dining room. There was a slight smile in the blue starry sky's eyes. "Don't take any more pains to act," said Wu Hua. What's the matter with me this time? The blue starry sky was slightly stunned. She didn't expect Wu Hua to be aware of it so soon: "Can I find you if I have something to do?" Wu Hua stared at her. "The problem is that every time you want to find me, you have a purpose." "Are you going to exclude me again?" Said the blue sky? But I'm not the blue boss anymore. This time it was Wu Hua's turn to be stunned. He couldn't help saying, "I didn't expect you to take things seriously last time!" "That's because you're more serious," said the blue starry sky. Wu Hua shrugged helplessly: "You may not see any benefits in your personal name!" Blue starry sky gritted his teeth, this period of time she also depressed enough, sad enough, now encountered Wu Hua difficult, she simply throw caution to the wind, put in the heart of the words simply all said: "Why do you think I approach you again and again have a purpose?"? I admit that I had a purpose for you at first, and you can think that I was using you, but when I had no purpose at all, you drove me away mercilessly. Do you think you are great? You think you're smart? Just see through me like that? Wu Hua is stupefied,stainless steel needle valve, this woman is really serious, but he appreciates this kind of strong style woman very much. Wu Hua said lightly, "Don't you trust men so much?"? Now you come and talk to me so much! Blue starry sky willow eyebrows a vertical: "wrong!"! It's not that I don't believe in men, but that you never believe in women. You look down on women at all! Wu Hua's face sank, this sentence said his vital point, he really looked down on any woman, many years ago from the beginning of breaking up with yuan yuan,tube fitting manufacturer, his heart died, he told himself not to believe any woman's rhetoric, otherwise how to die do not know. Since ancient times, there has been a classic idiom in China. Think about it, there is always some truth in the words that can be handed down for thousands of years. But this is not important. What is important is that this point has been seen by the blue sky. Wu Hua was shocked. Woman's heart, the needle under the sea, the problem is that the needle under the sea can see through your heart. Wu Hua's face was red and white for a while. He returned to normal for a long time. He said with a straight face, "OK, it's my fault. Maybe I misunderstood you. I apologize to you. I'm sorry!" The blue starry sky froze, she could not believe that such words would come out of Wu Hua's mouth, such a strong person would apologize to her, Wu Hua was far beyond her imagination. A real man can bend and stretch, 12 needle valve ,pipe fittings manufacturer, regardless of whether he is a man or a woman, the right opinion should be listened to, and the wrong one should be beaten to death. Actually Actually, it's nothing. Maybe, maybe I went too far. Yeah, I'm sorry. The blue starry sky with sharp speech stammered all of a sudden, and his face turned crimson. With a big wave of his hand, Wu Hua said, "Forget it. Let's not talk about this. Let's get down to business." The blue starry sky looked at Wu Hua gratefully, and the topic was really timely. As far as I know, your company will negotiate with Tiesiyong the day after tomorrow. Blue Star Sky Road. Wu Hua is amazed: "Unexpectedly after you are not in blue company, the information is more well-informed instead." "Do you remember the red card I gave you last time?" Asked the blue sky. "Come and go free card?" Wu Hua was surprised. The blue sky opened the satchel and took out three delicate cards from it. "This is a red free card, you should be very clear about the function, malicious killing will not be red, effective within an hour!" Blue Sky picked up a purple card: "This is a purple'weapon pass'. As long as you have this card, you can use weapons at will in all places where weapons are prohibited. The duration is 5 hours." Wu Hua looked stunned, really do not know how she got these things. Blue Sky picked up a red card: "This is a red'free card ', if you use this card in the official designated city, waypoint, port, the defense system of the main brain system will not attack you, at the same time you will have a legal amnesty, if you caused damage to the building, you can also avoid a prison disaster, but this card level is too low." If you take the federal government building, this card can't protect you! Then she pushed the three cards directly in front of Wu Hua. How much is it Wu Hua is well aware of the value of these cards, which can not be measured by credit points. The blue sky stared at him. "What do you mean?" Wu Hua looked into her eyes, the first woman who dared to stare at him. Wu Hua smiled suddenly: "OK, I accept, those nonsense I did not say." The face of the blue starry sky also had a slight smile, Wu Hua accepted these cards, which meant that she was no longer seen as an outsider, at least as a friend. If Wu Hua doesn't understand what others mean, he will be a pig. Card props have always been a very mysterious equipment in Star Wars. It is said that this kind of thing can only be exploded by BOSS above the super level. There is also a master level prop maker who can make it. Speaking of a small card, it can play a lot of magical auxiliary effects. These things can be said to be not inferior to the blue level of physical equipment, blue stars to give themselves is definitely not for some ulterior motives, this time Wu Hua believed her, because he believed in her eyes, her eyes this time is very pure, without any twinkling eyes. It doesn't matter what's in it. For strong people like them, there's no need to talk about something. Just know it in your heart. Seeing that Wu Hua's expression was flat,hydraulic fitting supplier, the blue starry sky was relieved. The gloom of so many days was swept away. Instead, she waved her hand and said, "You invited me last time. Today's meal is mine. We are finally even." Wu Hua glared at her. "Who told you women to treat you?" 。
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