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Yun Qinchen is holding a little person about six or seven months old in his hand, which looks like a miniature version of Liu Xun, but it is a girl. Besides Liu Xun, there is a man and a woman beside her. The woman was in her thirties and forties. She was very beautiful, but she looked like a wimp. I guess she was Yunruo, the famous'kneeling lady at the head of the bed 'in the capital. The man was the man in yellow who threw a knife at me at the banquet. He was in his thirties and looked very young. He turned out to be Yun Er's father. No wonder when he saw me, he looked like he was going to kill me. But this man looks the wrong age, even though he is the youngest brother of the Queen. Miss Qin Chen has become a mother, and Cao Zeng is also a grandfather-level figure. How can he be so old. Could it be that the tender cow ate the old leaves and did Yunruo at a young age? A master who can lay a black hand in his teens! One word, strong! I'm making a wild guess again. Maybe he looks young, just like Yun Chengyu. Seventeen people are still very young. However, seeing Liu Xun's indifferent eyes, I felt a little uneasy. What's wrong with him? Is it because the cloud family is exerting pressure, or Xiao Liu has already ~ ~ ~ oh ~ why bother, find a chance to ask him not to become. Very not easy to get rid of the cloud four less disturbance, was about to go to there alone Liu Xun, but was stopped by Lu Childe halfway down. I advise you not to go! Lu yuan stood in front of me. You can rest assured that I just went to see him and had no other intention. I'm going to go around him and keep going. Don't go, be good. "Mr. Lu moved up to me again." After a while, just say hello. I dodged, but he grabbed me by the shoulder. Listen, don't go. You'll regret it. I'm doing this for you. Lu yuan's fingers were so hard that my shoulder hurt. Just go for a while, no! I just want to see him and ask him how he's doing. I broke his hand and ran to Xiao Liu without looking back. Why do you bother? He has changed his mind. Hearing Lu yuan's words, I stopped and lowered my head. Thought: lovelorn? Is it really as bitter as the legend. With a snort, he continued to walk forward. Liu Xun stood on the edge of the rock wall, the waterfall in front of him poured down, and the mist in the air, because of the sunshine,DIN screw plug, turned into a small rainbow. "Childe Liu is in the meantime, like a dream, like a banished immortal." Koyanagi. I called him softly. The rest of the Yuner family was not far from here. I hoped to say a few more words to Liu before they came to make trouble. General Yin! Liu Gongzi turned his head and looked at me with a flat face. General Yoon? I am stupefied, he is unfamiliar with me? Maybe it's to pretend to show it to the people of Yunfu. Well, although there is no power now, but you wait for me, the future will be. Stop it, General! Forget it, there is no future, it's all over! Liu Xun turned and looked at the waterfall ahead. After listening to his words, I found that my ears were burning uncontrollably and my heart was beating wildly. What's wrong? Was it stimulated? I don't feel pain intellectually, but why is my body like this? "Is that what you mean or what the cloud family thinks?" I say The cloud family didn't force me. He said calmly. How are you doing now? I asked. Very good, Qin Chen is very good to me, I have a child. The cloud family was respectful to me, car radiator cap ,Magnetic Drain Plug, and no one embarrassed me. Even my father-in-law gave in to me. Liu Xun said, eyes reveal a trace of warmth? Koyanagi! Just because they're nice to you, I can step aside! There's no use for it! I thought angrily. I feel a little unwilling, and I don't believe it more. Really, this is true, the friendship of life and death is so fragile? No, Liu Xun must have some difficulties. Did they tell you to say that? I pulled Xiao Liu over and looked him in the eye. Let go. I said, they're good to me. It's all over. Liu Xun showed a bored look. Let go of my hands and close my eyes. If I can't see it now, I will waste two years of elective psychology. Liu Xun, I once opened my heart and accepted you. And this is how you repay me. How dare you! Let me pay for the first time and come back. It seems that I really underestimated the people here. I thought you would be pure and kind. Hum, it's the same everywhere. Everything is driven by interests. Only the strong can not be hurt. Little willow, you betrayed me first, you cut off my way forward, cut off my desire to go on well. This broken position of standing guard, what do I want it to do, why is the desperate martial arts test, what I do is meaningless. Liu Xun! You know what you've done. You've trampled me to death for trying to be a good man. It's dead. It'll never grow again. Haha ~ Those soft and lingering, the starry eyes look forward to, the red lips tremble, which makes me confused and infatuated, and now I abandon it like an old clog. OK! You must have made me very happy. I haven't been so happy for a long time. I finally have a reason not to feel guilty about what I have done. Heh ~ hum ~ If you have nothing to do, please leave. It's very inappropriate to be seen. Said Mr. Liu. The east wind is evil, the joy is thin, a year away from the rope. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Spring is as old as before, the shadow is empty and thin, although the beauty is there, the mountain alliance is hard to hold. Momo. With that, I turned around and walked ten paces away. Then I heard Liu Xun behind me say, "Although fate is over, you can also be a friend." Hum, really shameless, be a friend, you also deserve. I looked the same and laughed in my heart. There was a pool of clear water in front of me, and I chose a stone to sit down. Look down at the reflection in the water. Yin Yuqi, you can taste the taste of lovelorn, how? But so it is! After seeing others lovelorn, so bitter, I thought how uncomfortable it was, so that's all. Ha ~ Do I feel bad? Not at all. It's quite easy. If I really have to bear a person, can I bear it. The only pressure on the body of the promise, has been lifted, I am free. Uh! I think so, is there any taste of self-consolation and refusal to face reality? Think about it. Really not,alloy die casting, is not sad. Without the slightest reluctance, originally I do not like Liu Xun such a man, it seems that the first feeling is still very accurate.
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