Have a pretty wife at home: divorce the playboy Wang Ye

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The prince suddenly connected the woman who had escaped with Murong Xuan with the woman in Qiu Xiang Lou. He began to have a dispute in the bottom of his heart, is there a reason why Murong Xuan opened Qiuxianglou? Not to satisfy their own romantic love, but for other. That woman's appearance is really good. A snooper! Be careful Prince suddenly thought of something, suddenly anxious to go to Qiu Xiang Lou to see. If that woman is really from Qiu Xianglou. Then, as long as he is quick, he will surely meet her! "I'll take my leave first." The prince nodded to his wife and Zhu Qiqi and was about to leave. Zhu Qiqi hesitated for a moment and stopped him: "Wait.." "What else does Miss Chu want?" What the prince did was really in place, but it was a pity that Zhu Qiqi was ungrateful. The prince doesn't have to be so polite to Qiqi. We don't have any special relationship. "I stopped the prince just to ask if he had an umbrella with him." In fact, Zhu Qiqi originally did not want to say this. She almost couldn't help but want to go to Qiu Xiang Lou with the prince just now. Fortunately, her reason held back her emotions that almost made a joke. The prince looked thoughtfully at Zhu Qiqi and suddenly bent his lips and smiled. He said to Zhu Qiqi, "Don't worry, Miss Zhu. Now that I've come out, of course I brought an umbrella with me." With that, the prince called out to the corridor outside the front hall. Qing'er- Qing'er, who was waiting outside the corridor,Investment casting parts, heard the call and stepped in. He came in with his head down and said to the prince: "What do you want, Prince?" With his hands behind his back, the prince said in a loud voice, "Go to Qiuxianglou!" Qing'er nodded yes. At this time, Zhu Qiqi looked at Qing'er. At a glance,Steel investment casting, she immediately realized that the man who was called Qing'er was the one who split the robe that wrapped her head! Zhu Qiqi was startled and hurriedly tried to cover his face. But that's what she does. On second thought, no, if she's too obvious. That shrewd prince will certainly see through, if he sees through, that is not a trivial matter! Zhu Qiqi thought so and turned quietly to Xiao Cui, who was standing behind her: "Little Cui, go and prepare two good oil-paper umbrellas for the prince to take." Be quick-witted "It's not good for the prince to be drenched in such a heavy rain." Zhu Qiqi added another sentence. Small Cui Wen Yan, see Zhu Qiqi make color, turn round to be about to take. Who knows, little Cui just trotted out of the front hall. Prince already can't wait to go, metal stamping parts ,deep draw stamping, want to go to that Qiuxiang building to surround Murong Xuan. So the prince hurriedly way: "Don't bother the Zhu family. Let's go, Qing'er." With that, the prince walked out with Qing'er. Zhu Qiqi had been standing where he was, with his back to them. Never looked back, but did not know, when the green son with Murong Yi went out. He suddenly turned around and looked at Zhu Qiqi's back with a strange face. The first lady received the strange sight of Qing'er. But she didn't think much of it. Just as their own daughter's charm is too great, even a figure makes the man linger. In order to protect his baby, the big lady is very unkind to stand between the back of Qing'er and Zhu Qiqi! At the same time, the big lady did not forget to mutter to the green son: "How can this subordinate be so rude." Qing'er is a person who is not very good at words, so she was told by the first lady. Even the most stupid person could hear that the meaning of her words was that Qing'er did not know the etiquette and offended Zhu Qiqi. As a result, Qing'er involuntarily blushed. Quickly turned his face and no longer looked at Zhu Qiqi's back. But the prince who heard this thought he had not heard it. He could not deny that Zhu Qiqi was indeed a very dazzling woman. At the same time, her temper is really a very unexpected feeling. But for him, Murong Yi. What he needs in his life is not a woman, but a lot of things related to power. If Zhu Qiqi really has something to attract him. Apart from the insignificant beauty, it is naturally the wealth of the Zhu family! And Zhu Qiqi in the front hall of Zhu Fu turned around after the prince left! The eldest lady asked Zhu Qiqi in puzzlement. Use Seven Princes 1 "Qiqi, why did you speak so inappropriately just now?" If it were on weekdays, Zhu Qiqi would definitely not talk like this to a person who is not very familiar with him for no reason. Zhu Qiqi shrugged indifferently, "even if he is the prince, so what?"? I just don't like him. In fact, although her words contained some elements, her tone to the prince was not entirely for this reason. Big madam is not the first day to know Zhu Qiqi, naturally understand her temperament. So she sighed and said: "Qiqi, you are too old to be young. Aunt watched you grow up and covered up in front of me." Zhu Qiqi turned his head. "Why, don't you believe me?" The eldest lady stretched out her hand and flicked Zhu Qiqi's forehead. "Don't play tricks in front of the aunt!" Zhu Qiqi stuck out his tongue without grievance and pressed his smooth forehead with his hand. Only then did Xiao Cui come in with two oil-paper umbrellas. At a glance, I saw the big lady reach out and flick Zhu Qiqi's forehead. At the thought of Zhu Qiqi's ruthlessness when she flicked her own forehead, Xiao Cui became proud. At that moment, Xiao Cui laughed and clapped her hands. Madam, play well, play well! Zhu Qiqi was so angry that he put his hands on his hips and frowned at Xiao Cui. "Little Cui!" Little Cui curled her lips and said, "What did the young lady call me?" Zhu Qiqi gnashed his teeth. "Well, you're pretending to be stupid in front of me!" Little Cui shook her head. Where oh, miss, you always wrong little Cui. "And quibble!" Zhu Qiqijiao shouted,Stainless steel foundry, said, and walked toward Xiao Cui. As soon as Xiao Cui saw that the situation was not right, she quickly grabbed an oil-paper umbrella as a weapon and ran for her life in the front hall. autoparts-dx.com
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