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She exhaled smoke from her mouth, raised her hand with a cigarette under her arm, and greeted him, "Brother Beautiful Man." "What are you doing here?" The handsome man asked her. "If you have nothing to do, just stand casually." "Don't stand in such a place if you have nothing to do!" "What's the matter?" She turned her head and looked at the suspicious-looking small hotel behind her. "Today is a working day. There is no business. Business is usually better on weekends. Sometimes when you sit at the door here, you will have unexpected gains." "Harvest?"? What can be gained? "For example, you can hear the sound of bed calls from many different countries and places. Everyone does the same thing, but the way they call is very different. Personally, I prefer the European and American ones, which are refreshing and direct to my heart." Beautiful male elder brother stretches out a hand to pat her head: "Idiot, think oneself are interesting?"? But in the eyes of others, there is nothing more lonely in the world than smoking under the street lamp at night. Go home quickly! She threw the cigarette butt into the trash can next to her and began to light the second one. "Okay, I'll smoke another one and then I'll leave.". Goodbye, beautiful man. "OK, I'll go first and go back early." Suddenly, a sports car roared in front of him, so fast that he could only see a Lamborghini. The moment Lamborghini flashed by, the roar of the engine was overwhelming. The handsome man was startled. He turned around and jumped to the inside of the sidewalk. He hugged the street lamp: "Shanghai is so terrible!" "Go ahead, there is a Starbucks at the intersection over there. Would you like to take a picture?" "No, I went to shoot it when I first came to Shanghai!" "All right." "Hey,die casting parts, Xiao Jin!" Beautiful male elder brother walks away two paces, turn round again suddenly however, "Gold does not change, you do my girlfriend! You do my girlfriend!" Stunned, she asked, "Why?" "What's the matter with you? You always look so lonely!" She laughs, next "cut",titanium machining parts, say: "Look for countryman Ba Zi to be a boyfriend, my mom won't agree. Bye-bye “come on! He said I was from the countryside! I speak English very well! Sao Rui Sao Rui Sao Rui! The beautiful man who failed to confess walked away. Jin Buhuan stood under the street lamp and continued to smoke her cigarette. He smoked most of the second cigarette. A thin man came from the direction of the opposite bus stop. The little man crossed the road and dialed his cell phone. When he saw the girl under the opposite street lamp picking up the phone, he knew he had found someone. He hung up directly and came over and asked, "Miss Jin?" Jin Buhuan said yes. He took out the packed small box from the small bag and handed it to him. The little man opened the package, inspected it and confirmed the receipt on the spot. After the money and goods were paid, Jin Buhuan walked away. But the little man stopped her behind her back. "Miss King?" She looked back. "What?" The little man asked, "Do you still have such a baby?" When Jin Buhuan heard this, he looked at him warily: "Why did you buy the lipstick used by others?" The little man said: "Not just lipstick, in fact, wipe the face and body can be, as long as you have used the line..." Jin Buhuan bared his teeth: "***, get out!" "Well, there must be silk stockings to wear, right?" When Jin Buhuan heard this, metal stamping parts ,deep draw stamping, he was so angry that he laughed: "Small sample, do your parents know that you are a pervert?" The little man reminded her, "You have it on your leg right now. You can sell it to me.". How about fifty yuan? "Oh, *** me, poor and perverted, it seems that there is no cure." The little man's eyes rolled over her legs, and he was unrelenting and extremely calm. "And I want my underpants, too," he said. ” Jin Buchan's cell phone flashed out and made a gesture to call the police: "Yuyuan Police Station is across the road, you know, thirteen o'clock, big idiot!" The little man was scolded, suddenly short of breath, excited to open his nostrils, trembling slightly all over: "Fifty stockings, two hundred underpants!" Jin Buhuan shouted abuse: "Big idiot, *** your mother's poor ghost!" "One hundred stockings!"! Three hundred underpants! It's true that the little man is poor and abnormal. If he is killed on the Internet, he can't get the price. But in reality, he is suddenly scolded by a living beauty with more than 95 points. The thief is so excited that he opens his mouth and shouts out the price. ***! Poor man! "You might as well sell it to me if you throw it away anyway!" "*** you!" "One hundred and fifty stockings!"! Three hundred underpants! "Two kinds of eight hundred, collect money first, deliver goods later!" "It's too expensive. Can it be cheaper?" At this time, there is still a trace of reason, which can be called the best of perversion. One more word and it goes up to a thousand, big idiot! The little man was bathed in the sound of scolding. He was so excited that he couldn't help himself. He blushed and shouted, "All right, all right, I went out to seven hundred!" "Big idiot, the pervert is not dead!"! Your mother and your mother's flowery underpants are free, as well as the fragrance of years'precipitation. Go with them! "Eight hundred, deal!" Li Yima teaches a fat boy to smoke cigars while drinking red wine in a bar on Yan'an East Road on the Bund. After tasting two bottles of red wine, both of them were half drunk. They sat in the high table area, which was the only way to go to the bathroom. There was a fragrant breeze behind them from time to time. Every time two beautiful legs passed, the fat boy would twist his head and send them far away. Two girls who smoked came over to chat with him. Li Yima asked the fat boy, "Are you interested?" The fat boy has the heart of a thief but not the courage of a thief. Hei Hei said with a silly smile, "I'm going to marry Xiaojuan when I go back this time. I can't do anything sorry for her." "You think too much and just chat." "No, no, Xiaojuan is a good girl and I love her." Li Yima listens to his tone, can't help laughing: "Love your girlfriend very much?" "Of course, I love her." The fat boy took out his wallet from his bosom and pulled out a photo of the couple. The girl in the photo was chubby, wearing a ponytail, with a dark face and a brilliant smile. Her white teeth were extremely dazzling against the dark face. She was not beautiful, but her smile was very infectious. After showing the photos, the fat boy proudly said: "Recently, she slept secretly while her parents were not at home." Li Yima smiled: "Pretty good." "Shocked,socket screw plug, moved, finished twice, hugged and cried together." Li Yima smiled and touched the cup with him.
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