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It's really a headache for him to take Qin Fang away. If something happens to him, he will be unlucky, but if he talks nonsense now, it's estimated that he won't even have a chance to walk out of the door, and he will be unlucky here directly. "Song Lao, please wait a moment again. I'll be right back." Qin Fang is quite relaxed, there is no meaning of the execution ground, even said with a smile, let Song Lao speechless at the same time, is Wang Hu's face "color" is also very strange. He also felt that something was very wrong, but it seemed that he could not say why. Helplessly, he had to lead Qin Fang to go to the Dragon Master together. Not catch, but please! Wang Hu's people drove ahead to lead the way, while Qin Fang drove behind himself. Of course, behind Qin Fang is still followed by the younger brother of the Dragon Master, as to whether it is to monitor Qin Fang, or to protect Qin Fang, that is unknown. Anyway, Qin Fang himself doesn't care too much. Otherwise, he wouldn't have come with us. The meeting place was not at Master Long's home, but at Castle Peak Hospital. This is the address chosen by Qin Fang,die cast light housing, because he heard that Brother Sanshui was sent here for treatment, and he also came to see it. It looks like he's in a serious condition. Looking outside Sanshui's ward for a while, the smile on Qin Fang's face did not decrease much, but it was very interesting to say such a sentence. Sanshui brother, of course, is not pretending to be crazy, he is really silly, and the kind of silly is more powerful. As for the reason,non standard fasteners, Apart from the severe mental blow, Qin Fang found that some of his physical injuries were also one of the causes of the disease. The combination of these two aspects led to Sanshui elder brother's condition becoming so serious, which is also a strange place before Qin Fang, and now it is understood. Are you Qin Fang? Long Ye came very quickly, Qin Fang and others arrived at the Castle Peak Hospital not long ago, he came over. As for whether he wanted to avenge his godson as soon as possible, or whether he wanted to see Qin Fang, a young man with some courage, only he knew. But look at his appearance, I think I have already known the relationship between Qin Fang and Song Lao from Wang Hu. Therefore, the hostility in his eyes was very great, but the murder was obviously weakened a lot. Long Ye is a middle-aged man in his fifties. His appearance can only be regarded as ordinary. He is well maintained and looks very young. If it weren't for his vicissitudes of life in his eyes, Qin Fang would never think that such a man would be the big brother of the underworld who has been in Hong Kong Island for more than ten years. But between the words of the Dragon Master, the strong self-confidence in his eyes, as well as the breath of the superior who seems to be absent, car radiator cap ,CNC machining parts, still shows his extraordinary identity. In the face of such a person, even as strong as Qin Fang, there is still some pressure. Of course, it's just pressure, not fear! (To be continued) Chapter Table of Contents Chapter 932 Because.. I'll kill him! …… Long Ye is the first eldest brother on Hong Kong Island Road, sitting in that position for more than ten years, his younger brother is known as tens of thousands, so many years down, develop such a strong momentum, it is not surprising. As for Long Ye's own strength, Qin Fang's use of reconnaissance skills has also been detected, only slightly stronger than ordinary people. [Search for the latest updates at aoye] It's only level 3. Such strength, Qin Fang is obviously not in the eye, say a more arrogant words- "a slap can fan a large number of such people.." Although the strength is not high, it does not mean that such a person is not to force. On the contrary, if anyone dares to underestimate the man in front of him, the end will definitely be very miserable, and maybe one day he will be shot into a sieve. Hong Kong Island is different from the inland. Many of the gangs here carry guns, especially Xin'an, the largest gang on Hong Kong Island. If they are really organized, their firepower is absolutely comparable to that of the army. You should know that although there are many ways for these gangs to make money, the most profitable ones are drugs and arms, and Xin'an earns a lot of money every year in these two businesses. Long Ye as the leader of Xin'an, who does not have enough firepower support, no one will believe this, at least Qin Fang has found that at least eight of the more than ten bodyguards who came with Long Ye were carrying guns. Yes, I am Qin Fang. There were a lot of thoughts in his mind, but Qin Fang politely recognized his identity. In the face of such a big brother on the road as the Dragon Master, Qin Fang is neither humble nor pushy, and is completely talking to the Dragon Master in an equal capacity. This is also let the dragon master's eyes flashed a trace of different "color". When Qin Fang looked at the Dragon Master, the Dragon Master was naturally looking at Qin Fang, but he could not seem to find any obvious abnormality except to find Qin Fang's calmness. But because Qin Fang was too calm, the doubts in Long Ye's eyes became more and more serious. Song Lao's identity, Long Ye vaguely knows something, comes from a very mysterious and huge clan, which is far more powerful than he imagined. To put it simply, if this clan wants to destroy his Xin'an, maybe it won't take an hour. It was only a matter of minutes to kill him, who was known as the first man underground on Hong Kong Island. Although he had so many bodyguards with him, he was not in the eyes of others at all. And just now Wang Hu also told him, Song Lao's background is very big, his own strength is also very terrible, the lowest also has the strength of the master level. Long Ye was originally very afraid of Song Lao, coupled with these information, his heart is also constantly beating drums, to kill Qin Fang's mind also suddenly weakened a lot. Although Sanshui is his godson, the only son of his best brother,die casting parts, but compared with his own identity, status and power, it is not worth mentioning at all.
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