Beauty Heavy Desire _ Meaning Thousand Heavy (Full Text Plus Full Side Story)

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Just when the prince was almost mad and the "unconscious" early morning also secretly clenched his clothes, Yan Xin cleared his throat and coughed low. With this cough, the voice of Zhu Nian, his personal servant, came from downstairs and said, "Your excellencies, please stay." The footsteps stopped, Zhu Nian said a few words in a low voice, and the footsteps went downstairs. The prince looked downstairs and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw a few lanterns and a group of people heading for the other side of the mountain. Thinking of the two hundred thousand taels of silver, he was really distressed and resentful. Yan Xinzao took his hood and cloak and carefully put it on the early morning. He held her in his arms with great love and sighed, "I told you not to come, but you insisted on coming." Early in the morning, her eyelids jumped. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and stared at Yan Xin angrily. Yan Xin turned a blind eye to her killing eyes. She gently stroked the broken hair in her ear and whispered, "Do you blame me for coming late?" From the very beginning, he knew that Chuchen was pretending to be dizzy. By hugging her, he pinched her on the waist and saw that it didn't work. Then he began to touch her. At first, Chuchen was still stiff. Later, he couldn't pretend to be dizzy, so he had to wake up. She hated Yanxin so much that she even forgot that she was still in his arms and stared at him as soon as she opened her eyes. Two people this appearance in the eyes of the prince is the love of concubines, the prince's head "buzz" a sound, originally he was sure that the early morning of their own feelings, even if she did not come will not tell others about this matter. Who knows she actually told Yan Xin, is it possible that they have reached such a close point? The prince remembered the queen's sarcastic words after the battle of Wanchun Lake: "That woman has long abandoned you. Are you still obsessed with her?"? If you are still infatuated with her, you will die at her hands sooner or later. He didn't believe it at that time. He just thought it was the mother who slandered the early morning. After all, the mother had hurt the early morning not once or twice. Now he could not help but believe that this was set up by Yan Xin, and that charming woman was the accomplice who made him suffer heavy losses, and he did not want to, if not for his own bad intentions, Yan Xin would not have an opportunity to take advantage of it,wire nail machine manufacturers, single-minded only resented the early morning. He looked fixedly at the early morning and said in a hoarse voice, "Tell me clearly." Early morning Fang remembered that the prince was still watching, thanks to the last few words of Yan Xin, she knew that the prince would not believe her at the moment, and from then on the prince would treat her as an enemy, but she would never let Yan Xin feel better. Say more is wrong, eyes a turn, make a look of infinite grievance, backhand around Yan Xin's neck, face against his chest, she was satisfied to feel Yan Xin's body a stiff. Seeing her movements, the prince stared at Yan Xin with jealousy, and his eyes seemed to spew fire. For more than a year, he tried every means to please the early morning. Even at the best time, the early morning also let him hold hands at most. Had he ever taken the initiative to throw himself into his arms? No matter what he did, the early morning was still his favorite. The prince was jealous for a moment, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and more deeply, he felt the pain and bitterness in his heart. He wanted to hit Yan Xin a few times to vent his anger, but he knew that he was no match. He was afraid that he would humiliate him in vain. He had to wait until the day when he boarded Dabao. He swore that he must cut Yan Xin into pieces to get out of the bad breath in his heart. The prince's face was decadent, his eyes were red, and his lips moved violently. After a while, he squeezed out a sentence: "You skittish woman." At the end of the conversation, I even choked up. Looking at him in the early morning, he felt that he deserved it, but when he remembered the dribs and drabs of the past two years, he couldn't bear it. He let go of Yan Xin, but Yan Xin hugged her tightly. He turned to the prince and said with a half-smile, "Brother, you are the prince now. How can you cry as much as you did when you were a child?" The prince was gasping for breath. "Don't be angry, Chen'er," said Yan Xin. Although he failed you first and wanted to put you in a place beyond redemption, you can't hate him too much. But at least he is my brother, I also came in time, and did not cause any consequences, for everyone's face, forget it? Look at this, it seems that she is unrelenting in general. Early in the morning, she was so angry that she did not realize that Yanxin had picked her up and was about to go downstairs. She exclaimed, "Put me down!" Yan Xin impatiently pressed on her acupoint, early morning staring at him helplessly, spring stumbled down the stairs behind two people, behind him came a loud noise, and the sound of countless broken porcelain, thinking that the prince was angry and overturned the table. See three people down, has been waiting downstairs Zhu Nian rushed over, Yan Xin Chao Chunyi Nu mouth, Chunyi has not reacted to come over, and was Zhu Nian pulled down the hill. Chunyi saw that Yanxin was about to jump away with Chuchen in his arms, but Chuchen didn't make a sound. He didn't know what had happened to Yanxin. He couldn't help changing his face and slanting at Zhu Nian with his palm as a blade, shouting, "Third Master, put down my girl." "You go back and tell your wife that I will send your daughter back before dawn," Yan said without returning his letter. Although it is an unmarried couple, but Yan Xin's reputation and complex situation are there, early morning without internal force, how can spring let her fall into the hands of Yan Xin? Chunyi kicked Zhu Nian over and ran after him. Zhu Nian climbed up from the ground and uttered a long string of curses in a low voice. "Stop her!" He shouted. Not far away from Chunyi, three or four agile men in black jumped out of the dark woods and surrounded her. Chunyi stands in the middle, the heart turns, only afraid that this matter is the madam and Yan Xin through gas, and then go after the early morning not only has no meaning, but will only add some uncertain factors to this matter, she only hopes that the early morning can get what she wants. After thinking it through, he hung down his shoulders and said dejectedly to Zhu Nian, "Send me back." How Deep Is the Upper Courtyard? Chapter 27 Desire for Dusk (Part Two) Under the cool moonlight, two figures,Nail Making Machine price, one black and one red, were sitting on a smooth, mirror-like bluestone on the top of the highest Su-nu Peak in Miaoxiang Mountain. Their long hair was blown by the wind like a snake dancing wildly.
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