My Ninja Adventures (Time Travel)

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You! Don't make trouble for Yixiang. "It's useless to say more. Look at this guy's appearance, he can't die!"! Let's go and see the Purple Spirit! Chapter 128 I was very careful to go into the room where Yuri arranged for Ziling to rest and sit on the edge of the bed. Ziling's energetic face was full of haggard. I really couldn't bear to wake her up and let her recall the things that made her so haggard. Shadow Wing.. Good light voice from the mouth of the purple spirit, but let me not small surprised, because now I am in front of this person, really can not and memory is always happy to say happy to laugh purple spirit connection. Do I have anything to say here? I also suppressed my voice to the lightest and smallest. I'm sorry Purple spirit's voice is full of self-reproach, the closed corner of the eye is also difficult to control the oozing of crystal tears. It's not your fault, Purple Spirit. In spite of this, the purple spirit is still so brave as not to let his tears flow out. Don't do that, if you don't want me to see it. "I gently covered her eyes with my hands." Don't force yourself … " The purple spirit's body trembled obviously, then slowly reached out his hand and stroked it on my hand, and said softly in a choking voice that I could not accept: "The last side.." He's the same way. Even though her voice was so choked that she could hardly speak, she still controlled herself to keep her sobs to a minimum. This is the purple spirit, in the face of all the things just now,Nail machine manufacturer, I can't imagine how painful she felt when she looked at the "scorpion" who left. "I'm sorry." Although very should not, but the whole story I still want to know, but can not force her to remember, can only do it themselves. Secret art? Suo Yi ……” This move always seems to be used when you lose someone. Sasuke is like this. Now even Scorpion has not escaped the prepared script. In some Qiao rewind ~ this part introduces by some Qiao! ~~ It is said that after the shadow wing and the crowd settled down that day, because of the sensitive issues discussed, the scorpion left the house,iron nail machine, and then talked to the shadow wing about the past of the purple spirit, which was overheard by the purple spirit who ran out to find the scorpion, and the trouble began. The next morning, the scorpion couldn't help but want to see the purple spirit for the last time, so he went up to the big tree outside the house. (A coincidence-B: Scorpion, you don't advocate this kind of behavior. ~ ~ Scorpion # : The culprit is not all you!) But to his surprise, the purple spirit was not in the house at all. He jumped down from the tree in a hurry and had a brief discussion with the weasel. Then he set off immediately. Shadow Wing: # # # Scorpion: It's not you I'm paying attention to. In fact, the scorpion and the weasel soon caught up with her along the traces of the purple spirit, but they did not let her find out, Nail production machine ,Nail machine manufacturer, but carefully protected her in the dark. Soon, the purple spirit arrived at the mouth of the cave where Xiao had temporarily gathered. A frightening murderous look permeated all around the purple spirit, and the purple spirit, who had been on guard for a long time, could not help being cautious. She raised her purple dagger. "Who is it?"? Get out of here! "You are indeed Miss Purple Spirit!"! ~ ~ "The hypocritical voice of flattery made the purple spirit's eyes fall on the uninvited guest behind him wearing a black background with red clouds." You, you are.. Judging from the voice of the other side and the nature of the chakra, the purple spirit has already judged who it is. Beidou! Subconsciously clenched the knife in his hand, and then slowly put the knife back behind him, which is also a sign that the purple spirit is angry and ready to attack. Miss Ziling, you are a very smart person. You won't fail to notice the situation around you. "Beidou pulled out his sword with a sneer and raised it to point at Ziling's back and left and right." Whoosh! Three dark shadows in the same dress fell around the purple spirit, giving the same cold laughter. [How mean!] The purple spirit reads in the heart, but in front of the situation, her chance of winning is completely zero. Hum! There's no need to make such a big fight against me! In the face of Ziling's taunt, Beidou is still sneering: "This'war 'is bigger than you imagined!"! "Beidou raised the sword in his hand," Miss Purple Spirit, I want to see how you defend against my hidden weapons! " The voice did not fall, the hand has fallen like a command. “!!” In all directions, dozens of shadows shot out at the same time, but the target was not the purple spirit in the middle, but the enemies around her. "Dong!" The landing of the shadow caused a burst of smoke, and when the smoke dissipated, Beidou could not help but be dumbfounded. This The "hidden weapon" that the other three Xiao's men dodged was none other than the men in the mouth of the Big Dipper. It seems that Miss Ziling is also very thoughtful! It is not difficult to see that Beidou is saying these words with facial cramps. (— —|||) Although he did not understand what was going on, the purple spirit confirmed that he had been saved and stabbed Beidou without saying a word. Although Beidou's specialty is to use the sword, the purple spirit's body skill is not bad, at least a hundred times stronger than the shadow wing of the last battle! (Shadow Wing T _ T: … …) Even if the purple spirit can deal with the Big Dipper, but after all, there are three other members of the dawn around her, and they are also ready to see the opportunity to make a fatal blow to the purple spirit! "Oh, no!" Found the situation of the purple spirit, in the moment of turning around, on the back of a pair of lazy eyes. The pupil dilated for a moment, big enough to reflect the worry on the man's face. What kind of bravery are you doing alone? "Itachi's red eyes had just repelled the enemy,nail manufacturing machine, but he turned to the purple spirit with an irritating look (a coincidence: > o <) and pointed to his companion beside him:" If you continue to be brave, he won't have a chance to save the United States. " "Ying, the hero saves the United States?" The purple spirit looked at the weasel with a face full of sweat. "Why are you here?" 。
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